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  1. Ralphjoe

    Investment How lucrative is the cryptocurrency investment sector?

    So much has been said about the importance of investing in cryptocurrency because several people have come out to say that cryptocurrency is actually the best investment platform right now and I'm sometimes constrained to doubt such claims because I feel that cryptocurrencies actually are a very...
  2. Ralphjoe

    Payment Request 2nd payment Received

    Wow! I am so grateful, I received my second payment yesterday after I placed it 3days ago, thanks @Fecoms
  3. Ralphjoe

    Asking for Second payment request

    I humbly request for my earnings of $6.60 to be transferred to my GtBank account below Name:John Rapheal Agho Number: 0172776827 GtBank.
  4. Ralphjoe

    Asking for 1st payment request

    I want to request for my payment of $3.34 to the bank details below Name:John Rapheal Agho Account number: 0172776827 Bank: GtBank
  5. Ralphjoe

    How can I develop a good saving habit?

    I have been this kind of person that finds it extremely difficult to save out of my monthly earnings, though my monthly income was is still very meagre but I still feel that I should have been able to be saving even little savings overtime but the reverse is always the case for me. Whenever I...
  6. Ralphjoe

    Where can I invest $250 fund and make quick profit in months?

    Well I happens to have some free money in my hand that I am thinking of investing this money, I have thought of several investment, none has appealed to me so far based on my target earning and how I want my investment portfolio to grow. The thing is that I am afraid of investing this money in a...
  7. Ralphjoe

    Why don't we have cryptocurrency ATM machine?

    Well it's not a news that there is a particular Cryptocurrency which is Bitcoin that has it's very own ATM machine where you can withdraw and also buy the Cryptocurrency if you so wish, although I don't know if this technology is in my country Nigeria at the moment, but I am very hopeful that it...
  8. Ralphjoe

    Is cryptocurrencies the best online investment currently?

    So much has been said about the high rate of profitability of cryptocurrencies as an investment platform. People from all works of life and all over the world have attested to the profitability of Cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin, I read on the news where a man made a profit of $2.2million in...
  9. Ralphjoe

    Is buying Ethereum a good investment?

    The value of Ethereum just keeps soaring high like an eagle that has refused to perched, one will think that Ethereum is on its way to match upto Bitcoin in value and in popular usage. The Cryptocurrency got to $1435 at some point thereby breaking it's own history and achieving a new milestone...
  10. Ralphjoe

    Between Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is more profitable for an investor?

    It's no longer news that Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency that is on a fast rising run,in the process breaking it's own records, charting new frontiers, attracting institutional investors to Cryptocurrencies for the very first time. These and more Bitcoin has achieved so far, the price of Bitcoin is...
  11. Ralphjoe

    Does blockchain technology make Bitcoin impenetrable?

    Blockchain technology is a very complicated and secured technology that makes uses of transactions in block form, these transactions are executed after confirmation of their genuineness and authenticity by decentralized highly complex computers placed in strategic locations in the world. The...
  12. Ralphjoe

    Do you see Ripples winning their courtcase instituted by the US government?

    This is no longer news that the united state securities and exchange commission has instituted a lawsuit against ripples, the company that owns XRP, for selling unregistered securities to their investors. This lawsuit has caused a tremendous loss to the digital Cryptocurrency known as XRP, it's...
  13. Ralphjoe

    Why are there discrepancies in the prices of cryptocurrencies on different exchange platform?

    In my short time of dealing on cryptocurrencies particularly on cryptocurrencies exchange websites, I have discovered that different cryptocurrencies exchange platforms quote different prices for their cryptocurrencies. I have both Luno and coinbase and these are the two Cryptocurrency exchange...
  14. Ralphjoe

    Business administration or Business Management?

    The terms Business administration as a course in the higher institution is a course that prepares students to know the rudiment of how the business world operates and everything that has to do with business, This is the course that I studied in my time in the higher institution. Meanwhile there...
  15. Ralphjoe

    Share your business failure experience and what you have learnt from it

    The very act of running a business can be a very daunting task as lots of people fails multiple times in their attempt to start a successful business that will stand the test of time. Sometimes it's good to start a business and fail than not starting a business at all. Starting a business gives...
  16. Ralphjoe

    Do you think that the government will ever accept Bitcoin as a digital currency?

    It's no longer news that Bitcoin has been trailing the blaze for other cryptocurrencies in the market, breaking history, gaining more acceptability widely especially among institutional investors. With all these milestones that Bitcoin is achieving, there is one that is proving so stubborn for...
  17. Ralphjoe

    How can I start the business of palm oil distribution in Nigeria?

    Palm oil business has always been the kind of business that I have always wanted to go into because of how profitable it is. The business is virtually my dream business. There are so many value chain under the palm oil business, we have the production stage, the distribution stage, the retailing...
  18. Ralphjoe

    How can I further my education abroad in Nigeria?

    I am an holder of a National diploma certificate in Business administration from a reputable polytechnic in Nigeria. This level of my Education is not satisfactory to me, so I wanted to further my Education in Nigeria but I thought of it so much based on the low level of Education in my country...
  19. Ralphjoe

    How do you spend your income?

    The importance of spending your income in the right way cannot be overemphasized. A lot of people spend their income frivolously on unnecessary things that is off no great benefit to them. Spending recklessly can make even the most richest man to go broke or bankrupt so managing your income the...
  20. Ralphjoe

    Strategic goals of a business

    A business needs strategies to be able to meander the pitfalls in business failures especially when it comes to startups. A business strategy has to do with the way it has devised to implement it's mission and objectives, the concrete plan in which it hopes to achieve it's futuristic plans and...