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  1. Josemendez

    How cryptocurrency transactions is stored in blockchain

    Blockchain and it's operations is sometimes quite confusing. In this lesson , I will showing how cryptocurrency transactions gets to the blockchain . 1 . Whenever we initiate a transaction , and the transaction authenticated , A block is created. This block represents the transaction. 2. The...
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    Payment Request Second payment received

    I got my second payout worth of $7. Trendri is a site that is true to their Job , and pays upon request. All they demand from you and I ,is to work towards making quality comments and post. Cheers to the team 👍👍 <a href=""><img...
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    Asking for Second payment

    Hi. I will like to withdraw 7$ to my bank account . I have sent you pm with my bank details
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    Ledger users Facing Threats from Scammers

    In June 2020 , the cryptocurrency exchange site ledger mistakenly lost data of their users to scammers . These data include personal information like phone number , home address , email address etc . Yesterday, A Reddit user wrote on how his father got a message , demanding ransom of 10 ETH or...
  5. Josemendez


    Today , I want to bring to your knowledge about cold wallets. We are familiar with cryptocurrency wallets and E- wallets such as payeer , Skrill , paypal ,etc . Cold wallets are also called hard wallet and offline wallet . It is cold because it is not connected to the internet , and thus cannot...
  6. Josemendez

    DEX and CEX

    Most of us can be hearing about DEX and CEX ,but do not know what they really mean. DEX is an acronym for decentralized exchange , while CEX is centralised exchange. The difference between the two exchange method is as follows ; In DEX , The user have fully control over his funds and...
  7. Josemendez

    What you need to know about private keys

    Hi pals , today I want to teach few things about private keys ,which I think will be helpful . Private keys are like the keys to the doors on your house , once you lock the door , you need the key to open it. Now coming to cryptocurrency , once you uninstall your wallet , you will be asked to...
  8. Josemendez

    Which is better ; Governments Institution or private Institution?

    When it comes to job , one can either be independent by being an entrepreneur or seek for employment in either government Institution or private Institution ,and whichever one he wants to get involved in , he will have to make some considerations ; First , Governments Institution offers a more...
  9. Josemendez

    Cryptocurrency and Taxation

    Naturally , taxation has been a means government generate money from businesses and organisations . The world of cryptocurrency then being a source of business to some individuals and companies ,has been a subject of debate. Companies now escape taxation on investment because they engage in...
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    Payment Request First payment received

    I received my first payment today , it worth $8 and #3664 . To you new users , don't ever think that the site is not legit ,because apart from me ,many other people have been paid . All you need to do is to ensure your write quality posts and comments , and nothing will stop you from getting...
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    Asking for Withdrawal request

    I want to withdraw $8 to my bank account . Account details have been sent to your pm
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    The Fate of a retiree and the best actions to be taken

    Retirement comes with a lot of concerns over the fate of the retiree. Many employees getting towards their retirement are usually concerned on the right job to do. The fact is that people are retired when they are getting old ,and thus won't be able to engage strenuous jobs . So , in my...
  13. Josemendez

    Google Analytics ; why you need to use it for your site

    Having a website is not quite complete without the website ranking well in search engines. This has been the major challenge facing the site owners , because their ranking in Google search engine will help them to be known or unknown as the case may be. Google then deemed it fit to create...
  14. Josemendez

    Benefits of having a mobile friendly site

    Today , websites do have mobile version and desktop version and these have helped to increase their number of traffic in their sites. Due to the nature of life in some areas , people have to move out for work ,fun and other things ,and because of the nature of where they are going , they can't...
  15. Josemendez ,A wallet you must use is a new cryptocurrency exchanged site built on ethereum network with Defi access. The wallet has many interesting features such as a C- Market where one can buy or pay for services like bills . It offers a suitable Environment for swapping from one cryptocurrency network to...
  16. Josemendez

    50-30-20 rule

    Have you heard about the 50-30-20 rule ? It is a rule proposed and popularized by Senator Elizabeth Warren in his famous book called , All Your Worth. The rule focussed on setting out the right percentage of ones income to needs , wants and savings. The rule says that 50% should be used for...
  17. Josemendez

    CBDC versus Cryptocurrency

    CBDC is an acronym for central bank Digital Currency. It was a strategy that is being used as counter measure for cryptocurrency. Countries like China have developed the digital version of their fiat currency (Yaun ), to help offer the same service as cryptocurrency. Other countries like...
  18. Josemendez

    Reddit User sold 6 BTC to pay off parents mortgage

    The present bullish run of bitcoin has made many investors to change their mind about selling their bitcoin. On Thursday , 7 January, 2021 , A Reddit user by the name u/Bigtony96 explained how he sold his entire Bitcoin ( 6 BTC) , which he has be accumulating for the past three years , in...
  19. Josemendez

    Are you aware of privacy coins ?

    The world of cryptocurrency just as I have said in my previous post is very vast , with different platforms . Despite the anonymous nature of some of the cryptocurrency like bitcoin , there exist a form of cryptocurrency called privacy coins. Example of such coin is Monero. They are called...
  20. Josemendez

    What do you think of stable coins ?

    The world of cryptocurrency has many coins to its name , some like bitcoin , ethereum , litecoin etc are volatile ,and experiences changes in price ,while some a stable coins which do not fluctuate. Many people believe that stable coins are not worth investing in as they lack volatility which...