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  1. Olajidey

    How did you cope with abusive boss

    Sometimes at the workplace, we face many challenges one of the challenges we face at the workplace is having an abusive boss. This kind of boss are just mean to their employee and very strict to their employee, that they never appreciate the little and most effort the employee is doing even...
  2. Olajidey

    How to make money with Clickbank

    People have earned thousands of dollar with the use of Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate program where you sell their digital products and you are given commission based on what you sell, sometimes the commission is up to 70% on each product you sell. If you are hearing Clickbank for the...
  3. Olajidey

    How to make a living raising broiler chicken

    Broilers are chicken that provides meat and also attain market size within a very short period of time between 6 - 8 weeks. The required basic things needed for broiler production is fresh feed, clean water, fresh air, light, thermal environment, space e.t.c The feed given to broiler chicken...
  4. Olajidey

    Asking for Requests For Third Payment

    I will like to request my third payment which is $10 after meeting the deadline for warning which is on 17th. Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Account number: 0115120357 Account name: Ajeigbe Yusuf
  5. Olajidey

    Secret To Successful Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is not an easy task, anyone who had already tried it will testify to it, it requires more than just building a website and landing page, sometimes it might be exhausting and it every takes a lot of dedication and time before you start seeing traffic. I will share a few...
  6. Olajidey

    Career in Football

    A career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. Football is one of them. football is no longer seen as a sport with no future. Football is well known to be a multibillion pounds industry with more related jobs. Working in a...
  7. Olajidey

    Soccer Player The Most high Paying Job

    Football which is also known as soccer is a well known multi-billion-pound industry, Becoming a professional footballer needs you to be talented, and you also need to be determined and dedicated. Sometimes the player ability to be able to deliver a great performance always determine how high the...
  8. Olajidey

    How Lucrative Is Tutorial Center Business

    Education is one of the fast-growing sectors in Nigeria and the demand to get educated is always high, May students get to enrol in the tutorial centre to get themselves prepared for external examination some of them are secondary school student that needs to get admission into higher...
  9. Olajidey

    Asking for Third Payment Request

    I want to withdraw my $7 to my bank Account Account Name: Ajeigbe Yusuf Account number: 0115120357 GTB Guaranty Trust Bank
  10. Olajidey

    Payment proof Second Payment received

    I received my second payment which is $5 in my locaj bank acount. Thanks Trendri Payment proof attached
  11. Olajidey

    Lucrative Small Business Idea For Studenst

    If you are a student and you are reading this thread the truth is you can start a side business as a student and still maintain your good grade in school. There is some excuse some student gives when it turns to sie business in school like "I don't have the time" "I don't have money" "I don't...
  12. Olajidey

    Starting Frozen Chicken and Egg distribution business

    This business is basically involving bridging the gap between the poultry farmers and the consumer which are interested in poultry meat and the product. Protein is very essential in the body and chicken meat and egg is one source of protein. Chicken has become one of the most consumed meat and...
  13. Olajidey

    Starting A Poultry Feed Production

    Poultry feed is now on the high side it is so expensive that the farmers have resulted in making their own feed themselves with the help of milling machine. So you could get a milling machine and start feed production you can supply it to poultry farmer around you. Though you need the skill...
  14. Olajidey

    Starting A Cow Farming Business

    Cattle farming involves the rearing of the cow for commercial purposes. It is a profitable business that can make you a lot of unlimited money if done right. Cattle is a general term for Bovine spp while the male is called bull, the female is called a cow. Steps to start a cattle business Make a...
  15. Olajidey

    Asking for Request for my second Payout

    I want to withdraw my $5 to my bank account Account Name: Ajeigbe Yusuf Account Number: 0115120357 GTB Guaranty trust bank
  16. Olajidey

    Payment proof First payment received

    I am so happy as I received my $4.33 from Trendri. God bless the brain behind trendri
  17. Olajidey

    How Long Have You Been Online Making Money

    I started using an online platform to make money last year during the lockdown the period of convid 19, so I am always with my phone to browse the internet on how to make money online and boom I saw different ways in which I can stay on to make my cool money and also different scam site that...
  18. Olajidey

    Online Work at Old Age

    Recently, there are a lot of opportunities online to make cool money, some of it are freelancer, vlogging, blogging, social media influencer, Youtube channel, survey, microworker, content writer, amazon bookseller e.t.c A lot of youth are engaged in making money online and have forgotten that...
  19. Olajidey

    CONVID 19: How Much You Earn Online during Lockdown

    The coronavirus pandemic is a big shock to the whole world as nobody expects it to cause the stop of daily work activities, some even lost their job, all company are forced to shut down, but this same coronavirus is a blessing in disguise for some people as it open eye of people to many...
  20. Olajidey

    Earning online is It fun or work for You

    Making money online is becoming a trend nowadays especially among the youth. I see earning online as fun without much stress because either I am making money or not I am always online with a good internet connection, that makes it very easy for me to surf the web and check out the site that...