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  1. Ephy

    Make money with a legit website.

    Are you tired of being scammed, here is a legit way to make money online without any investments what you have to do is click on the link below 👇👇👇 If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me or comment on this post I'll get back to you...
  2. Ephy

    Business broker.

    A broker is someone who sells products that do not belong from him or her. He or she sells products on behalf of the owners but they are given a share after the goods, products are sold. The broker always comes to an agreement with the owner that after selling the property or product a certain...
  3. Ephy

    Food delivery business.

    This is a business that works mostly in area where there is a lot of offices. This people mostly eat in hotel so instead of then going to eat in hotel you can take that responsibility to deliver them the food so that they can eat at the office and save time. You can either be the one cooking the...
  4. Ephy

    Starting and managing agricultural business.

    Agriculture this is the production of farm products and rearing of farm animals. Agriculture involves planting, watering, cleaning or weeding and harvesting. These processes start by planting in the farm for example planting of maize or flowers. After the planting you have to make sure that...
  5. Ephy

    Hostel business idea.

    Hostel is a place where mostly students to pay in order to stay for a period of time during their period of study. This business works good and perfectly if the hostel has been built near a school mostly universities and colleges. Students book and pay for them to get a place where they can stay...
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    Asking for 2nd payment request

    Kindly am requesting for payment of $3. Payment method : PayPal :
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    Party planning business idea.

    What is a party? This is an event that someone celebrates mostly after achieving something in his life or as a form of thanksgiving. Party planning is where by you organise an event on behalf of someone the he or she pays you for that. Party planning includes looking for a suitable location to...
  8. Ephy

    Car resale business.

    Car resale business is a business whereby you are dealing with selling or used cars mostly at a cheap price. This business can be more profitable if you know how to deal with clients and the car owners who sell their cars for resale. Opening a car resale shop isn't that easy you must have enough...
  9. Ephy

    How to make money online with copy and paste.

    Here are some steps to be followed: Step 1: Use google then search Google news. Open the first website called - Focus on these topics: - Business news, Technology, science, entertainment, sports and health. Step 2: Select the most attractive and interesting articles, for...
  10. Ephy

    Meaning of bitcoin.

    According to my research and understanding about bitcoin it is a crypto currency a form of electrical cash. It is one of the most benefiting investments where you can earn money from. It is a decentralised digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user...
  11. Ephy

    External factors that affect a business.

    These are things that affect the business from outside and also they can contribute to the failure or success to a business. Any business can only respond to then but no business can avoid them. These factors can contribute to opportunities in a a business and can also lead or be threats to the...
  12. Ephy

    Internal factors that affect a business.

    These are things that hinder or promote any business operations within the business. These factors can either affect the business positively or negatively. Which means they can contribute to strength of a business or bring weaknesses to the business. These factors include: 1. Labourers or...
  13. Ephy

    Reasons why a cheque may be dishonoured.

    A cheque is a mode of payment where notes or coins are not involved the customer just writes an order to the bank to pay the named person certain money mentioned in the cheque. A bank may refuse to pay money written on a cheque because of the following reasons: 1. If the cheque is presented to...
  14. Ephy

    What is money.

    Money is a medium of exchange that functions as a legal tender and enables a business to take place. Money exists in the forms of coins and notes. Money also takes different forms of currencies that are accepted worldwide for foreign exchange, for example US dollar, Kshs, sterling pound...
  15. Ephy

    Need to know more about bitcoin.

    I have seen many posts about bitcoin mining but it's hard for me to understand how this thing works. I have tried several times creating a bitcoin wallet but I don't even know how to use it. I have seen many posts concerning bitcoin people are talking good and it seems like a very profitable...
  16. Ephy

    How to market a small business.

    Marketing a business is the process of making a business be familiar or looking for more customers to your business. This mostly aim at raising the sells and increasing the demand for your products to get more and more customers in order to make high profits and increase your supply due to high...
  17. Ephy


    This website allows someone to earn big more money by just downloading apps, doing simple surveys, posting to social media and by doing simple tasks. With this site you earn huge amount of money money but I've never seen someone withdrawing. If you want to withdraw they give you many reasons...
  18. Ephy

    Relationship between business, demand and supply.

    Business is any idea either in form of a product or service that can be sold with an aim of making a profit. Demand is the need or unavailability of a product needed mostly for human consumption. Here also you need to understand them term supply. Supply is the movement of products from the...
  19. Ephy

    Meaning of a loan.

    A loan can be referred to as money borrowed from a person, bank or organisation that is expected to be paid back mostly with interest. Loaning can be a very good investment or business with good profits but not everyone deserves to get a loan some don't pat back and some do delay in payments...
  20. Ephy

    Payment proof Payment proof.

    Thanks for the payment, surely Trendri is the place to be. I've received my payment of $5 today to my PayPal account.