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  1. Jnr

    Lies kills career

    Have you ever heard someone say that you have to lie to sell or you have to lie to get bigger or grow larger or even to become successful, well thats a lie, not just a lie, its unhealthy and ungodly. You cant lie to boost your career it doesnt work that way, it is the worst thing in business...
  2. Jnr

    Qualities of a successful career.

    Want to have a successful career? Be kind, noble, respectful, passionate, teachable, understanding, caring, thoughtful, delightful, prompt, all these qualities should be in your life if you want to have a successful career in your life, without any of this am sorry, there is no way forward, you...
  3. Jnr

    Greatness is our choice to make.

    It is your choice to be great in your career not any body's, dont put the load on someone else, dont blame someone for your flaws, for your downfalls, blame yourself, that way you would not only learn from your mistakes but move forward and better better, try this and am 100% its going to work...
  4. Jnr

    Trust God with your career

    Do not think it is not for you, do not let any thing push you away from achieving your goals in your career. When it’s your time, when God knows you’re ready, what you give birth to is going to be much bigger than you think. Paula White When you worry it doesn't take away your problems tomorrow...
  5. Jnr

    Be focused, dont be discouraged

    Who do you say you are: average, limited, disadvantaged, not able to? That will keep you from your destiny. Instead of letting people define you, instead of letting your past label you, why don’t you go back to what God says about you. He’s the one that made you. Be strong enough to walk away...
  6. Jnr

    Be an idea bringer

    Be an idea 💡 bringer, dont be dormant, always think and also think outside box. Have you ever noticed that in most organizations they look for idea bringers, not just ideal workers, thats because thats what they need. For any organization or business to grow they need to think non stop, think of...
  7. Jnr

    All you see is not there is

    All you see is not all there is, do not be scared away by the little profit before choosing a career, because all you see is not all there is, there is more, i tell you. From personal experiences i have seen and have found out that even the smallest business and career can have its...
  8. Jnr

    Career challenges solutions

    The road may be tiring for real, thats the journey of being successful in your career, but hold on to your dream and vision, never forget why you choose that choice as your career, focus on the main purpose, goals, and target 🎯 you have set for your self, And trust me, no matter how hard and...
  9. Jnr

    Dont be impatient God controls your career

    The key is to not be impatient. It may not happen as fast as you would like. While you’re waiting, that’s a test. Show God that you’re not going to give up on your dream, you’re not going to let what didn’t work out cause you to lose your passion. That obstacle may look big, that giant may look...
  10. Jnr

    Know what is important and necessary

    Do you really need to buy that car? Do you really have to get that designer outfit? Do you really think watching TV all day brings you closer to your goals? Remember you aren't the only one in the race! The race requires you to be smart and cautious of the possibilities our actions carry. The...
  11. Jnr

    Is it necessary?

    A good way to go through or filter the thoughts running through your mind is to ask: Is it necessary? In the right moments, hanging out at the beach might be the best thing for you mentally, emotional and even physically. However, in times like this, it wouldn't be necessary or advisable to go...
  12. Jnr

    Career change: how easy is it?

    It is very easy to change a career you feel is your path already, maybe you made a wrong Choice in the past, or you have not really discovered your real path, and you have discovered it, it going to be a very easy thing for you to learn, because its in you already. So if you are in doubt 🤷‍♂️, i...
  13. Jnr

    Pick a job that fits you.

    Pick a job that suites you not a job that every one is running into, even if it pays well, do not run into a job that doesn't fits you. So now the question is, how would i find a job that fits me? , its simple, finding that particular thing that you fit in for can be determined by what you...
  14. Jnr

    Pick a career fast

    Time flies like a Thief in the night, and also time wait for no man, i guess this two quotes would make one know that what ever choice one has to make, one has to make it fast. Choosing a career might take a little time, maybe because of research about it, but while wasting time dont waste to...
  15. Jnr

    Every career has its value

    Know your worth as a business person, no career is worth less, every thing as it's value, dont let anyone try to change your mind about the choice you made about your career. People may be doing a particular thing and have a steady cash out. Dont be down about that, everything as a season, and...
  16. Jnr

    Get acquitted before choosing a career

    Its not until you fall, that you will rise, some people think a successful career without downfalls is not that much of a success, but i strongly do not agree with them. When choosing a career or business it is advisable to know more about the choice you have made, you can ask questions, do...
  17. Jnr

    Have a substitute career

    When think about what you want to do in life, you should also think of a substitute job, more of like a back up job, like an hand and craft job, Because all career may have their flaws and restrictions, maybe a lockdown or something like a restriction. All this can be covered up with a...
  18. Jnr

    Listen to your Silent Customers too

    Wow, heat Wow healthy advice man.
  19. Jnr

    Sites To Get Fast Loans For Nigerians Without Collateral

    Wow, i would love to take a loan from one of this.. Business is filled with risk takers
  20. Jnr

    To loan For Business or not?

    Yes its is good and healthy to apply for a loan.. It would boost your business, and trust me the money to refund would come back.