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Privacy Policy



Information Gathered

In common with other websites, log files are stored on the web servers saving details such as the visitor's IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit. Web logs are not kept indefinitely... our current policy is to delete logs after 4 days.

We also collect information from users when they interact with our site (for example when a user created an account).

How The Information Is Used

The information we gather is used to enhance the visitor's experience, including (but not limited to) personalizing the website to display information specific to you or display advertising.

Email addresses are never sold, rented, traded or leased to third parties.

Digital Signatures

We employ various digital signatures to track users (for example browser cookies) to help create the best possible experience for all users.

3rd Parties

Our privacy policies only applies to data we collect. We utilize some third party services on this site that may collect data about you. An example of some of the 3rd party companies that we utilize services from are Google, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal. Please refer to their privacy policies for more info.

Account Ownership

Accounts created here are licensed for exclusive use by the individual that created the account (they are not "owned" by anyone). Accounts are never "company accounts" regardless of the account creators affiliation or employment.

Users may have one account ever.

Changing/Deleting Your Posts

If you would like to edit (or delete) your posts, you can do so within 8 hours of making the post. After that, it is not possible for you to edit or delete the posts you have made here.

By registering at this site, you grant non-exclusive rights to publish content (posts, visitor messages, etc.) that you create here.

This is a public venue, a good rule of thumb is to simply not post anything that you don't want people to see.

Changing Another Member's Post

There are two options you have for getting a post altered (or deleted) that was written by another member (contacting moderators/administrators to do it here is not an option you have).

The easiest method is to contact that member directly. They have the ability to edit their own posts for 8 hours after making the post. If the time frame is beyond 8 hours, the original poster can request the post be edited by an administrator (the request may or may not be approved). Generally, if a post does not violate our rules, it doesn't get removed.

Disputes Between Members

Please don't ask to have a member banned simply because you don't get along with them. There are plenty of members that the administrators wouldn't consider friends, but it's not our job to silence members that we don't agree with.

Username Change

We would prefer you did not change your username (since it can cause confusion with other users), but if you feel you *must* change your username, you may contact us.

DMCA Notices

As an online service provider (OSP) of a public forum, we fully comply with with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Part of the DMCA allows a copyright owner to file a DMCA notice to get copyrighted content removed.