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    Need to generate a new Bitcoin Address all the time

    Generating new address requires new wallet, all new wallets are only allowing one address now. You may transfer between your wallets, but one will pay transaction fees for sending from one to another. Only currency with no fees for transaction is helpful. However currencies with high...
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    PPC review: scam or legit?

    Did anyone withdraw from this site? Now 500 dogecoins are no longer a small amount, it is more than 30 dollars now. When this thread was started, it was a low amount even then, but whoever withdrew that amount, is now worth of the time to spend. However, who withdrew from this site?
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    How to fund my crypto currency Wallet without using bank?

    When there is a will, there is a way; just use your online earnings and invest in crypto instead of withdrawing to bank and then investing in crypto. Although this is not much, but this is affordable too, you will earn in cryptpcurrency this way and use it for exchange/ trade or whatever you like.
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    Need to generate a new Bitcoin Address all the time

    Due to misuse by hackers (hacking one exchange and selling to others) All exchanges and wallets are now limited. Total anonymity is also over, this was to discourage hacking. But you can use any previous wallet that you still have. Once people were allowed to create as they wanted, not it is a...
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    When it comes to Money

    Expenditure must be kept on track so that it remains balanced and savings are also made. For this, record of expenditure and target of financial works are also necessary aspects. But tell us about those required small but necessary changes that you are hinting and should be made on the website
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    Would you like to spend your online earned money on your physique?

    With the grace of Lord Krishna, I have no shortage of anything; my online earnings are capital of social work; whatever I earn online, I use to train person with disabilities and other needy. I am trying to even train them how to earn online, in whatever they way they can. Also money is spend on...
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    Opening an ice cream shop as a student. Good or bad?

    This is still a struggling business,most of the people have stopped eating outside due to pandemic;. I used to have ice-cream daily in summer and occasionally in winter before Corona virus (Covid-19) hit the globe. Now I don't eat any outside food. Most of the people also stopped eating outside...
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    How can I be Financially independent this year?

    I wonder if the people giving you answer are themselves financially independent? Do they themselves follow any idea they are sharing? Coryptocurrencies have given a hope to people to become financially independent, but not completely, this requires trading and exchange platforms. Wallets/sites...
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    Tron (TRX) or Doge coin? 1st to hit $1.

    Is there a competition of their first hitting the $1 mark? Dogecoin strength - Support by Elon Musk, Mineable. Tron Strengeth - No Fees for transaction, Stakeable Dogecoin weekness - Non-Stakeable, week technology due to copy-paste code of Litecoin. Tron weekness - Non-Mineable, six stages of...
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    SCAM TCPGaming Forum

    There are 5 points for daily activity and 1 point per post; you don't need long posts too, just make 5 word posts, that is enough. But as I said there is no guarantee, I yet have to reach the payout. Earning rules are somewhat unclear, and reaching payout is also difficult - 10k points for 2$...
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    Review Dimeforum reveiw, Legit or scam?

    Although there are reports that, this site is not paying now, however, I checked that this site is still available and there are posts even today. Although the admin of dimeforum or any of his moderator is not available in other sites to inform/update members, so this site fully depends on post...
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    SCAM TCPGaming Forum

    Right now they are new, there is no limit, and 1 point they pay just for 5 word comment, so this is still easy; however any site may turn scam, I am not giving any guarantee to TCP; but there is no such thing of any site paying without revenue; if they stop paying, they will lose most of the...
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    Is ethereum still a good investment to invest in right now?

    Those who are claiming that Ethereum is good to invest, they should invest first before telling others. The gas fees of Ethereum is enough to say this is a bad investment, and if value of ETh is not doubled, then ETH holders will face loss than gain. Try Defi projects instead.
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    Next person or company to invest in bitcoin.

    Uber is also trying to get in under some restrictions; Dara Khosrowshah (CEO) also said that Uber is considering to accept Bitcoin as a payment method; however direct investment to BTC is yet to have to be decided later as Uber faced over 6bn$ loss in pandemic era and is trying to gain back.
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    How to make big money by writing as a freelancer?

    That is good strategy of her, she made her name by posting quality posts and got payment too. Many sites will pay for receiving quality feedback and from popular people (online celebrities). Freelancers are always in demand to write articles and replies both; they just need to have knowledge and...