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    Business Ideas Small business is easy to start..

    With my little experience I will say there is no business that is easy to start even those into petty trading you can ask them it was not easy when they started no matter how small a business is starting a business is not a joke is not a child's play so it takes a lot. Small or big as far as it...
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    How can the tourism businesses recover after the pandemic?

    I think those recreation centres, tourist attractions and the event centres can still make their money after the pandemic, all they have to do is put the into consideration the normal precautions for instance the the tourist attraction can limit those that will come in you reduce the number of...
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    COVID 19 vaccine and prevention

    The covid-19 pandemic is what will not be forgotten in years to come, it affected the whole world. It's one of its kind I have never seen any virus take over the world as it did, it affected the economy of the world. Took people's job and means of livelihood. Took lives millions of people died...
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    Earn Money I want to make money online Can someone give me advice?

    Well the only way I know that you can make extra income is through post to pay platforms that is PTP, which you are on already. Other ways you can make money is through blogging you can start your own blog and talk about things that's happening around write about things that people will love to...
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    Earn Money Free help if you are trying to make a 100 Dollars per day - First 10 Responses ONLY

    I am so interested, please fill me in on it, presently I'm trying to meet a set goal. I need to reach a certain amount of money to start my offline business fully. I have my business already but insufficient fund is stopping me I would appreciate if you can explain and teach me how you earn that...
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    2 Benefits of Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is a miracle oil, with my personal experience.I use coconut oil for my daily care, in my house presently we don't have body cream,we don't have hair cream. What we use is coconut oil and the sweetest part is with coconut oil you don't have any problem with rashes, my baby had rashes...
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    Health Insurance Should Be Subsidies And Mandatory In Every Country

    Health is defined as being free from illness, diseases or virus. There is a common saying "health is wealth" which is very true, because if your body is whole you will be at peace and eat what you like not what is prescribed. Why I said health insurance Should Be subsidies and mandatory is...
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    Was Grant Given to Business Owners and Low Income Earner's During The Pandemic In Your Country?

    My sister, that is the country we find ourselves, the country where the leaders do not care about the well-being of their citizens, the country where the government those not value the lives of its citizens. What do you expect, the palliatives ment for the masses where kept and some of they...
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    How risky is doing business online?

    Transacting with people will always be risky either online or offline, people can't be trusted so when starting a business just know you are taking a risk and hopefully it will be fruitful. A lot of people are afraid to do business online because what they see is not usually what they get or...
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    Was Grant Given to Business Owners and Low Income Earner's During The Pandemic In Your Country?

    Thanks for your response, I guess this happens every where around the world. People who are in need of the money do not get it, those who are not in need of it are usually the beneficiaries. What do you think is the cause? In my country I will say bad governance, although some people say it lack...
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    Was Grant Given to Business Owners and Low Income Earner's During The Pandemic In Your Country?

    The covid-19 pandemic was a tough one in my country and all over the world, it affected the economy of my country and the world at large, resulting to millions of people lossing their Jobs and means of lively hood. It affected business owners and low income earners more in my country, and the...
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    Earn Money how to make money without investment?

    Making money online is the new way, and there are many ways to achieve that without investing financially, but you need to invest your time on it. PTP sites is one of the ways to make money online without investment, survey sites too do no require you paying before you earn, all you need is a...
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    Earn Money how to become a translator?

    Translating is a good means of making money, but how many languages can you speak or do you understand? Do you have the patience to teach? Are you a good teacher or willing to learn all these and more are things to be considered before you conclude on wanting a side hustle as a translator.
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    IDEAS: Make Money 💰 Unlimited No Limitations

    Laughing in Spanish, let me guess it's either a networking I mean multi level marketing or investment platforms that promises 100% return on investment after a month. Well if I'm correct do not waste your time stick to PTP sites and make cool cash without investing financially. It's the best for...
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    Payment approved FIRST PAYMENT REQUEST

    Thanks sir @Fecoms alert seen.