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    What are the biggest mistake people make when saving for retirement?

    One of the mistakes people make when saving for a retiree is they did not invest in any business, they believe the pension money will be enough for them to survive through but after they retiree, they now realise that the money is not enough and they depends on their children for survival...
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    Is it a good idea to borrow money to payback a loan?

    There is nothing bad there, especially if you borrow from the bank and if you don't return the money for a certain period of time you might forfeit your house or car which is not up to the loan amount, so the best thing to do is to borrow another money from other organisation or family and...
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    Why is it always difficult to pay back loan?

    Reasons, why people find it difficult to pay back a loan, is lack of a plan. Some people collect a loan to buy a car or build a house, why will you use loan which is supposed to help your business grow to build a house and you expect the business to give you multiple outputs profit. So wrong use...
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    How long does it going to take to start making profit after investing?

    There are different types of investment, there are some investment that you don't need to wait for a long time before you will start making your profit and there are some investment that involves you to wait for some certain period of time before you can be making profit from the business.
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    How to make a living raising broiler chicken

    You are right layers can be raised all time and the supply of egg is always on demand in the market while broiler production is based on seasons especially towards newyear or Christmas, if you did not have company or business that deals with the use of chicken. So you have to study the market...
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    How did you cope with abusive boss

    Sometimes at the workplace, we face many challenges one of the challenges we face at the workplace is having an abusive boss. This kind of boss are just mean to their employee and very strict to their employee, that they never appreciate the little and most effort the employee is doing even...
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    How to make a living raising broiler chicken

    You are right, people calculate the festive period most especially Christmas time and new year. I know a woman who uses her backyard and build small poultry house mainly for raising broiler and she does that every Christmas and new year. Am surprised when she told me recently that the least...
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    How to make money with Clickbank

    People have earned thousands of dollar with the use of Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate program where you sell their digital products and you are given commission based on what you sell, sometimes the commission is up to 70% on each product you sell. If you are hearing Clickbank for the...
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    How to make a living raising broiler chicken

    Broilers are chicken that provides meat and also attain market size within a very short period of time between 6 - 8 weeks. The required basic things needed for broiler production is fresh feed, clean water, fresh air, light, thermal environment, space e.t.c The feed given to broiler chicken...
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    Investing in cryptocurrency at this time is it wise or foolish?

    Actually, I won't advise someone to invest in bitcoin as it is now, because it might also fall or still rise no one knows it is even safer to invest in other coins than bitcoin. But if you want to invest for a long time you can invest in it has it is said by bitcoin analyst that it is likely...
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    For what purposes do bank create their cryptocurrency

    Very soon if there is no regulation in this cryptocurrency world I feel every organisation will just create their coin and it will also serve as a means where people are being scammed because the white paper will be promising and you will invest in the coin hugely the next thing you will see is...
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    Have you ever been in debt?

    My own experience is due to Ponzi , after I am qualified to withdraw my fund which is $2000 the site went on maintenance, after the maintenance we are told that some group of hackers attack them that is why they went on maintenance and before we can withdraw we will put a quarter of the money we...
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    Ponzi gangs let's gather here

    Am sure I can list up to 20 sites I have been too, and none of them is like MMM because I made few hundred thousands on MMM but lost it to our site. Here is the list, MMM, MMMunited, GetHelpWorldwide, HelpToGet, DigitalClub, looper .e.t.c I can't remember all, I even do one on WhatsApp that...
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    laziness and money making

    I don't think it laziness, it because you are stressed and you need rest to regain energy, I have many days I will just find it difficult to log in and after setting alarm I will still find it difficult, so what I do is that I set a target after meeting the target I will use the remaining time...
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    Why do most GPT sites and forums reduce their payments?

    The factor that affects most gpt site in reducing their payment or point is when there are many members and also when they are exceeding the payment budget monthly, no one will continue to do business that he or she is not making a profit from. I think the best solution for it is to close the...