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    Make money online.

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    Making Money with Trendri

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    Earn money online

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    Post verification Request for review

    Kindly review my posts. Thanks in advance
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    The 4C's of good Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) management.

    Here are the four main way of Sexual Transmitted Infections management: 1. Counselling -The health worker should emphasize with his or her patient and put herself in the patient place. -Dialogue with the patient and discuss the other 3C's. - Should offer testing and counseling services. 2...
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    Advantages and disadvantages of using a cheque as a mode of payment.

    Advantages 1. It is more secure than notes or coins. 2. It is easily portable compared to cash. 3. Cheques are convenient to use when paying large sums of money. 4. It has a counterfoil which can be used as evidence of payment. 5. In case the payee needs the money urgently, he or she can...
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    Post verification Request for review

    Kindly review my posts. Hope am eligible to start earning I've 20 posts and many replies that all amount to more 40 messages. Thanks in advance.
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    What is a cheque and types of cheques.

    A cheque is an order to bank to pay the person named the amount specified on the cheque. Parties to a cheque are: a) The drawer - who is the holder and the person who has written the cheque. b) The drawee - is the bank which the cheque is drawn. This is the bank which pays the money. c) The...
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    Division and specialisation of labour in a business.

    In division and specialisation of labour workers' efficiency is enhanced. A worker can be able to concentrate on what he or she is best at thereby increasing efficiency. It saves time because workers become used to the process of production and can do it at a faster pace. And the quality of...
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    Payment using cash in a business

    Cash payment is where a legal currency is used as a means of payment. Cash payment may be in form of notes or coins. Notes are issued in different denominations from sh. 50,100,200,500 and 1,000. These ate legal denominations issued by the Central Bank of Kenya. When paying legal currency, it is...
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    What does a receptionist do in an organisation or business.

    Receptionist receives visitors at an organisation and direct them to the respective offices. Also receive telephone calls and switches/directs them to the appropriate office/person. Here are some role : a) Operates the telephone and the switchboard. b) Receiving and directing visitors to their...
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    Who is a manager.

    A manager is a senior employee in an organisation responsible for running the organisation or business. An executive officer bestowed with the responsibility of running a business or organisation by the owners. Here are some of the responsibilities : a) Planning what is to be done. b)...
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    Roles of a supervisor in a business or organisation.

    A supervisor is an officer who is in charge of a particular group of people mostly in a working environment example in an organization or business. Here are some of the role a supervisor plays : a) Assign duties and ensures they are done well. b) Act as a link between workers and the managers...
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    Meaning of goods and services.

    Goods refer to anything that is tangible, thing that can be touched and seen, and used by human beings to satisfy their wants. Goods may include maize, beans, sugar and vegetables. Goods have money value. Service is any act that is tangible that one person offers to another person. Services...
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    Meaning of production.

    Production is an activity that results in the creation of goods and services for the satisfaction of human wants or needs. Human wants are satisfied through the provision of goods and services required. Production of goods entails the process of changing a commodity from its raw form to the...