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    Can you operate a joint account with your partner?

    As for me , I think it is a good thing for one to do such , because this will help the two parties to have something that strengthens their bonds and finance as well . The joint account will help them save for their children , have a general fund for taking care of their pressing needs .
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    What are the causes of bankruptcy in business

    When it comes to bankruptcy in business , there are many factors that contribute to it . Having a business plan is not enough if there is no good financial strategy to back up the plan . Also , eating from the profit when the business is still struggling can be discouraging.
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    Investing in Health Equipment and Materials

    Investing in Medical health equipment is something that is very profitable ,yet demanding . First , due to the fact that such business deals with things used to safeguard life , not every person is allowed to deal with such business. There is need for a certification before one can invest in...
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    Business plan before financial sources.

    You have said it all . Having the right amount of finance to start a business is very necessary , however having the right business plan and strategy where the finance will be employed in is very Paramount. It is the business plan that makes the finance employed in to be fruitful . This is why...
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    Will Ethereum Price go down? Give your opinion!!

    The fact is that ethereum is like other cryptocurrency ,and thus it is subjected to the normal fluctuations in price , common to all cryptocurrency. The price may drop for a while but surely it will continue to rise . There are several prediction that the price of ethereum will hit $10,000...
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    Did Nigeria Government Ban Crypto Currency?

    Well , am yet to get the actual memo released by the central bank of Nigeria , perhaps when I do ,I will read for myself and get the news . Outside this , I must say that it is a very sad thing that the government wants to ban something that has helped liberate many of it's citizens from poverty...
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    How to mine cryptocurrencies with your phone

    I am not writing this to discourage you or anyone from using the pi mining app , I only want you to know that pi developers have not really done anything to ensure the launching of the coin and the possible listing. Their last report showed that they will be launching by 2026 , despite being...
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    Is it wise to start a business with borrowed money?

    Well, in situations whereby there is no other option available for financing the business , one should consider going for loan . However ,the person needs to borrow only when he is certain that the business is bound to progress , this of course can only be measured through a business...
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    Is this good time to buy Bitcoins?

    As far as Bitcoin is concerned , there is never a time that is too late for buying of Bitcoin ,because it is a cryptocurrency that has the highest marketcap ,which serves as an advantage to it. It will always experience a bullish run at some point in time . However , for those of from Nigeria...
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    How much knowledge is needed to trade forex

    As for me , base on the news I have read about forex traders losing a lot of money from forex trading , I won't advise anyone to go into forex trading. Forex trading demands that the person in question will have a good knowledge in the forex field .this is why some people start their forex...
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    Will the world ever adopt cryptocurrency as a legal tender?

    The world may not easily adopt cryptocurrency fully ,but to an extent , the use of cryptocurrency will surely have great support in the world . People are scared of cryptocurrency basically because of the security challenges observed sometimes ,and also because of cryptocurrency high...
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    Profits margin between online and offline investment

    There are many offline investment that pays better than online investment ,and hi versa. It then depends on the one someone is into. Presently , my offline job pays better than online job ,but with the plans I am putting in place , in coming years , my online business will surely outnumber the...
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    Can Someone Become A Millionaire With Etherium?

    Sure . For example those that bought ethereum when the price was $0.43 in year 2015 , should have multiplied their investment up to 30000% . Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency with market cap and investing in it will be very lucrative in near feature . Earlier this year ethereum was at $800...
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    Do you think that Bitcoin can hit $100k this year?

    I won't be surprised if Bitcoin hits $100k price this year ,because this year has seen Bitcoin record the highest number of address holdling their Bitcoin. Also top companies like microstrategy , Grayscale , PayPal and other institutions have invested heavily in Bitcoin , and they have also...
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    Breather for Crypto business in India

    It is unfortunate that Cryptocurrency Lovers in India are facing this huge issue.Many of them has lost opportunity to make money through cryptocurrency. To me , if they see cryptocurrency as a threat , then they should put in regulations that will help them control the use of cryptocurrency ...