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    JUST CLICK AND EARN $1.5 - $85 perday, TRUSTED

    My email address is this But can I ask you if you have really used this and have you been able to cash out from the site? Just trying to know if it would be worth the while.
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    Can you accept a start up capital from your ex-lover?

    If my ex is strecthing a hand of help to me without other strings been attached to it, why not? I would receive it. This is my belief in life that we meet and depart in order to meet again. So when we meet again, we need a lot of humility to be able to benefit from one another.
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    Is it advisable to take loan when you in financial crisis

    It is terribly wrong taking one loan and using it to offset another loan because it drags you the more into more debts. People when they are in debt should seek other amicable ways of offsetting their bills rather than going for a loan. From friends, taking jobs in per day, per week payment and...
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    Introduction New Members: Introduce Yourself Here

    I am Godleads1. I'm new here. I will say am highly happy to find myself here. I am male and I here to meet friends, make more and to learn new things and new ways of making money. I hope my time here would be worth it. I am also a father of two. One male one female.