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    Make money online.

    The best site ever seen it pays without delay no struggle at all.
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    Make money with a legit website.

    No I didn't. Am sending it to you now.
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    Make money with a legit website.

    Are you tired of being scammed, here is a legit way to make money online without any investments what you have to do is click on the link below 👇👇👇 If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me or comment on this post I'll get back to you...
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    Minimum payout is $1 via PayPal

    It sounds legit hopefully I'll try this app let me hope it works worldwide not just in some countries.
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    Asking for 2nd payment request

    Kindly, am looking forward for your help concerning this withdrawal please.
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    Asking for 2nd payment request

    Hello, kindly review my account and I had pending withdrawal due to some warnings and they've expired since last month February. Kindly need some help on that please.
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    Benefits of checking the account records regularly

    Any business without records its very easy for it to collapse. It will be very difficult to monitor any activities going on the business. To manage funds in any business there must be transparency and all cash should be done in receipts and make sure you record any cash coming in and out...
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    Asking for 2nd payment request

    Warning! And how do I know the warning has expired?
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    Asking for 2nd payment request

    Done, I have changed the profile pic.
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    The danger of having only one source of income.

    Having one source of income is very dangerous any time things might go astray and end up bankrupt. You never know anything can happen so you must have another source that will support when you're down. Mostly being employed is very much risky anytime you can loose your job. The boss might wake...
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    Business broker.

    A broker is someone who sells products that do not belong from him or her. He or she sells products on behalf of the owners but they are given a share after the goods, products are sold. The broker always comes to an agreement with the owner that after selling the property or product a certain...
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    Food delivery business.

    This is a business that works mostly in area where there is a lot of offices. This people mostly eat in hotel so instead of then going to eat in hotel you can take that responsibility to deliver them the food so that they can eat at the office and save time. You can either be the one cooking the...
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    Starting and managing agricultural business.

    Agriculture this is the production of farm products and rearing of farm animals. Agriculture involves planting, watering, cleaning or weeding and harvesting. These processes start by planting in the farm for example planting of maize or flowers. After the planting you have to make sure that...
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    Hostel business idea.

    Hostel is a place where mostly students to pay in order to stay for a period of time during their period of study. This business works good and perfectly if the hostel has been built near a school mostly universities and colleges. Students book and pay for them to get a place where they can stay...
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    Asking for 2nd payment request

    Kindly am requesting for payment of $3. Payment method : PayPal :