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    Which Course is more Lucrative to study in Nigeria

    With the current state of the country, it may be somehow hard to decide on this. And that's why I always advice people to study what they have interest in and also find a good skill that could help in providing income in case you don't find a good paying job on time.. However, if I was to...
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    Credit For Post Not Added

    Thank you.
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    Credit For Post Not Added

    Good morning admin, I replied to two threads yesterday being 21/01/2020 but I wasn't credited for it. Please, I'll be glad if this can be resolved. Thank you very much as I await your response.
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    How do you spend your income?

    The way and manner we spend our income matters alot. We need to look at how much we are paid and then outline our needs according to a scale of preference, so that we don't lack the most important things we need for survival. Alot of people don't plan with their income, In short, before they...
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    How do one improve writing skills.

    Writing is a great skill which every human crave to have. It is one thing that will never fade because people always want to express their opinion, idea and feeling pertaining to something they find interesting. Some additional ways to improve in Writing are; always willing to read and learn...
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    Payment proof 1st payment received

    I received my first payment today. I am very happy and grateful to the admins for bringing up such a great platform here. Thanks alot.
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    Asking for First payout request

    Yes. I have been paid.
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    Asking for First payout request

    Good day sir, I am here to make a withdrawal request of $4 to my Bank account. Bank account number : 0246322695 Bank account name : Nweze Daniel Chinedu Bank name : GTBank
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    The need for a professional mentor!

    Mentors are like gods to us who are meant to train and guide us in our paths. However, it is so bad that many students do not have a mentor. They only follow their thoughts without consulting anybody. This is indeed wrong. Instead of even consulting that your neighbour who may not like your...
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    Opportunities abound more in Sciences?

    Science is said to be everything by some people. I am a science student, I love it so much because it brings innovation to the world thereby making living more conducive. Talking about opportunities, science has it in abundance. Let us start with even international scholarships. If you look...
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    Dont be impatient God controls your career

    Patience is key in everything we plan or hope to achieve on life especially our career goals. The issue is just that alot of people don't involve God in their plans, they don't acknowledge Him for the grave to even be alive not to talk more of career. The moment we start introducing God into...
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    Passion or Money: what makes you choose a profession for your self?

    You know, it is passion that drives one through a career path, while in some cases, it is money. For an average Nigerian who is simply looking for how to survive the hardship on the country, he will surely go for the money. That kind of person will tell you that passion will not feed him, that...
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    Don't let friends kill that dream

    What kind of friends do you keep around you? Do you tell them your dreams and plans? Do you even have people you look up to in pursuance of your career goals? There is a common saying which says, if you show me your friend, I will show you your future friends. Some people who call themselves...
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    Don't let age force a career on you

    How old are you? That's one question that makes alot of people shiver. You know, when you are younger, and you are asked your age, you will happily say it, maybe 7 years, or 11 years, or 15 years, etc but as you grow older, some et of people begin to hide their age because they are still below...
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    Mistakes in choosing a career

    Today, a lot of people have made career mistakes that are very hard to correct now because of how old they are or how far they have already gone in such a mistake. Sometimes, this mistake comes by studying the wrong course in the university. Many students choose courses because of the name...