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    Buying Is it possible for some goods and services to return to their old prices?

    The economy dictates the fluctuation of the prices of goods and services. When the economy gets stronger the prices tend to go down and vice versa. One example is the petrol revolution in the Middle East. Their economy suddenly got very strong with the sale of oil. Prices of goods went down and...
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    A problematic manager can affect the efficiency of the department

    It is common to encounter a problematic manager who may be out of bounds when you make a mistake. Sometimes there is a manager that is temperamental even if you are not doing anything wrong. It’s like your pretty face can peeve the manager. In my case, a dumb manager is better than a smart but...
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    Things to do after retirement

    This is indeed a good question because that is what’s on my mind when I retired a few years back. What would I be doing at home? Now I can say that I am lucky to know technology. I can work online and I can make my own videos or even some fancy blogs to write. The hardest thing to do is nothing...
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    How to deal with financial stress

    I know of one person who got sick and eventually tried suicide because of the piling up of debts. It is a depression that is not easy to overcome. Financial stress is taxing so you have to do something drastic once your finance level is going down. Stop spending. That will really help instead of...
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    Article Promotion

    My take on the promotion of an article or a blog is to use social media especially if your article is not on your own website. Social media is very potent when it comes to marketing activities because you have your connections there. Think if you have a thousand followers in social media then...
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    Business Ideas Making compost fertilizer for sale

    With the hype on plants in this pandemic era costs and demand for plant pots and fertilizer have suddenly increased. One expert gardener said that potted plants need a regular dose of fertilizer and that probably is the main reason why those caring for potted plants are always in need of...
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    The most common blunders in investing.

    I have seen the young ones in our company when I was still working. They were like in a frenzy to buy stocks of one company that was having a hype. It was a telecommunications company that later on would experience bankruptcy. Fortunately for me, I did not join them and I just kept my money in...
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    Staring business from loan amount is better better than other ways?

    I have experienced having a business and suffering a tight cash flow due to lack of ample capital. Borrowing money is the only recourse left during that time and the interest on the loans have dented the profitability of the business. If you will make a start up with a loan think of the...
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    Buying and selling of farm produce and government job which one is profitable?

    The profitability of the business would depend on the size of the business. A government job here is not really attractive with the low pay and the very slow improvement of the career. If you can handle very well the business of buying and selling farm produce then you have a chance to be rich.
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    Special service delivery to the customer

    Yesterday I saw a Chinese movie with the title MBA Partners. They made a start up of an e-commerce site for classy personal items for women. The big difference with other online stores is the special service delivery. The courier is selected to be good-looking and trained to be cordial in giving...
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    Who is a better business manager? A man or woman?

    This may be a sexist topic but I believe there is gender equality in the business except for the type and nature of the business. For a hardware business a male manager is preferred because he has the macho image that customers can relate to. That is also true in engineering projects like...
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    Market for an Online Business

    Any kind of business has its own audience so you have to determine which audience you need for your marketing activities. Since it is an online business so naturally the marketing would also be online. I would prefer using social media for the marketing but again, the target audience should be...
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    Credit Card Bank ATM is good for businesses or not?

    A cousin who is into furniture business still uses the check (bank cheque) for payments because that is the most convenient for the recording. Using an ATM card for payments will make it complicated when it comes to recording the transactions. However, the ATM is good if it is a single...
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    Having a cubicle or an open hall for the work area

    In one bank there is a plan to remove the cubicles. The plan was brought about by the covid virus because the cubicle can be a contributor for the transmission of the virus. But the HR officer said that aside from the issue of the covid virus the cubicle is also a separator of people which means...
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    How Much Savings Is "Enough Savings"?

    The title is a good question that I think will have no concrete answer. To be frank for my savings, I am right now saving money to buy a land. That is big money that I need so you can expect that it will take years to achieve if ever I can achieve the target amount. Right now I am just halfway...