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    Should we depend on pension or continue working?

    It is advisable to keep working and very light jobs so as to keep you healthy or you still get something as take home even if your pension is very ok. Most people don't find it easy living on pension alone.
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    Business Ideas Starting a Boutique business

    It is a very lucrative business that can exist in almost every environment with reasonable number of population, the population, the level of development and cost of living of the environment determine how the boutique will be but certainly you will sell especially if you study the needs of the...
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    Basic things you consider in a wallet.

    I no Filipinos usually use and Abra wallet for their transactions because of their ability to swap to their local currency so may be you can try them or use trust wallet, it reliable and secure. Thanks.
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    Payment approved Second payment.

    Recieved, thanks @Fecoms , you are great.
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    Before you take a loan

    Research as shown that more than 80% of businesses that are started on loan don't break-even in one year or more and they eventually crash so i quite agree with the writer , it is better to take loan to expand business instead of taking loan to start business. Loans are meant for bigger...
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    Trading of dried fish can be profitable

    Fish consumption is very high because it has little to no negative effect on human health. The business is very lucrative because of the fact that dried fish last longer and can be transported to far distance so if one is very strategic you can go to coastal areas to buy cheap and sell them at...
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    Time frame in partnership business.

    Partnership business to me is a very wonderful business despite that it comes with it challenges , I have been into saveral partnership businesses which has been very successful though they are businesses that usually last for like six months or less . The exchange of ideas and management of...
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    Does bitcoin address changes?

    Actually 2FA security measures has been very helpful . As at three years you made mentioned of blockchain wallet has the ability to generate different address for different transactions but I can't say for coinbase since I don't use the wallet as such because of it limitations to my country. One...
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    Long term effects on cryptocurrency bank in Nigeria

    I have not noticed the new NGN fiat introduce by Binance, I am always appreciating Binance for coming to the aid of many countries with challenges of the Crypto currency ban , the Binance P2P is so secure that it will be difficult for the bad eggs to tempered with the system and I believe some...
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    Your Crypto currency Investment strategy

    It is very important we are very strategic in Crypto currencies investments in other to make profit in short time or long time depending on your capital available for investment. The strategy I adopt is that I invest in tokens or coins launched by various reputable Exchange platforms such as...
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    Is bitcoin the best among the crypto currency?

    Actually the transaction fee in bitcoin and ethereum is quite discouraging but the fact they are always on the rise makes people to invest in them regardless the transaction fee because they feel they will cover up the losses when the price shoot up anytime. Personally I Focus more on other...
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    Can other coins exist without bitcoin?

    That was my first sentence if you had read it well, there are some coins that doesn't follow the path of bitcoin at initial but immediately their bull run stops and they are not mostly traded or used for one or two activities on the internet they follow the trend of bitcoin. YFI value became...
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    Is it best time to buy Ethereum?

    Binance coin(BNB) is actually a good coin to invest money in Currently, I won't be surprised if the coin reach $1000 this year , ethereum is also a potential coin because the last year performance was overwhelming. It is not late for ethereum investment this year because the year is still far...
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    Does bitcoin address changes?

    The bitcoin address changes for some wallets that are capable of regenerating new addresses whenever you click on the recieve button of your wallet or deposit wallet of your Exchange platform while there some bitcoin addresses that do.not change when you generate any time from your wallet or...
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    Exchanging The Use Of Escrow Service

    Escrow service is seriously on the rise now and it is helping a whole lots of people that has lost huge amount of money to fraudsters in the country , I belong to one escrow group already and the admin of the site is very reliable, I have witnessed more $4000 transactions from the WhatsApp group...