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6 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Webpage to grow your search engine traffic

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  • 6 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Webpage to grow your search engine traffic

    As an ecommerce site owner, you're going to generate almost all of your income from your product pages. That's where people can add something to their cart and buy.
    1. Optimize your title tag and meta-description
      Now I'm going to teach you how to optimize your ecommerce product pages. The first thing you need to do is optimize your meta-tags, your title tag and meta-description should break down what the product is, the benefits of it, and why people should buy it. This is the stuff that people are going to read when they're Googling. Any time you do a Google search, you see the title and the description. That's what Google pulls from your source code. You want to make sure you have a really attractive title tag and a meta-description.
    2. Include Keyword in your page
      Again, go over what your product is, why people should buy it, and the benefits of it. Make sure you include the main keywords of your product within the title tag and meta-description. The second thing you need to focus on is user metrics. If someone's coming to your webpage, your ecommerce product page and they bounce right off and go back to Google search, it tells Google they didn't find what they're looking for and your ranking should go down. So, if you want them to stick around and ideally buy your product, then what you need to do is focus on the product.
    3. Make a Good ecommerce page description
      Make sure description is appealing. If they can read the text and understand why they should be buying the product, great. If they look at the images or a video review of it, it's high quality and they can see what they're going to get without being there in person, amazing. If you have reviews from other people so they know if it's a good product or shitty product, just think about, again, amazing. Think about when you go to an ecommerce site and you're buying a product, you want to see specific things. Make sure you include all of those within your ecommerce product page and that's how you increase your user metrics.
    4. Rank High
      The next thing you need to do to rank higher is leverage headings. You can use H1 or H2 headings. You see them all over sites like Amazon. The heading should describe the product. This again adds a keyword within the page, it will help you rank higher.
    5. Include feature list on your ecommerce website
      The Next thing you want to do is include a feature list. People Google a lot of time features when they're looking for products. By having bullet pointed out features, people will know what they're going to get. It helps drive more search traffic and it also helps to boost conversions.
    6. Add relevant product your page using cross linking
      Last but not least, make sure you cross-link. One of the most beautiful things about Amazon is anytime you go into a product page they start showing you other relevant products, things that you can add on, things that are very similar that you can look at. By cross linking, this helps Google index more of your product pages. They'll all start shooting up in the rankings. You'll get more search traffic, and you'll get more users and people buying from you. That's how you grow your search engine traffic for your ecommerce product pages.

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    Optimizing the e-commerce webpage or any website is necessary for growing the traffic. You have shared very important points with us which are quite related to a website. I learned so many things from your post so just keep growing.
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      Thank you for sharing this is interesting


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