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How Can I rank a new Blog on Page one?

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  • How Can I rank a new Blog on Page one?

    I just created the wp site a week ago and want to rank for Examentrance, pls i need ideas/ techniques to do this.

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    To get help with improving the rank of a new blog on one page, you can follow these guides:-

    1. SEO friendly blog design

    2. Keep important content above the fold

    3. Keep your images small

    4. Right the understandable subtitle in blog

    5. Target the main keywords

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      The most Important things are blog design should be fully updated according to google guideline, load time should be good and target potential keywords according to your need.
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        Your Blog Pages should be responsive and user friendly loading time should be minimum and always keep attention on content with quality for specific keyword and topic
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          There are many ways to rank a website --
          1. Write unique content and share on web2.0, articles, blogs
          2. Share it on social media and content submission sites
          3. Create images and infographics on the Canva site related to your service or product. These images share on image submission sites.


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            To rank a blog, first you need to write a high quality content.
            Then secondly, build high quality and relevant backlinks.
            Also use high quality images with alt attributes.


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