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Can this debt be resold and could I face court summons etc if I refuse to pay?

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  • Moses007
    Hi there,

    I feel really sorry to hear this has happened to you, after reading about your incident I can suggest that it's better to explain each & everything that what was happened on that day & what is the main reason behind the damage caused to the door frame. If still, the company refuses to accept your reason then try to ask for a reduction in the penalty.

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  • Can this debt be resold and could I face court summons etc if I refuse to pay?

    I recently rented a car in Honolulu from the airport branch of Advantage. We didn't take out the extra CDW, and had a nightmare which the company are now requesting money to the sum of $2000 for!

    Unfortunately we managed to lock the keys in the car boot along with all of our belongings. We called the roadside assistance and got put through to a call centre, but the employee was struggling to get us the assistance because no one at advantage Honolulu was answering the phone (for over an hour!). He eventually apologised and said there was nothing he could do to help us other than put an urgent message on the system for advantage Honolulu to call us.

    He then told us to try some locksmiths so the hawaiian police tried calling some for us with no luck (they wanted cash only or were too busy). Several hours later and very dehydrated we resorted to getting into the car by force and unlocking it which caused some damage to the door frame.

    We completed an incident report and took the car back, and were told we'd hear from the claims dept within 4-5 days (also didn't happen). The only thing I've heard is to receive an email yesterday from Viking collection services requesting I make the payment. There are a few things I'm trying to find out now:

    The company have the details of my Halifax credit card, can they just take this money without my authorisation?

    How is the best way to dispute this?

    Can this debt be resold and could I face
    court summons etc if I refuse to pay?

    It seems to have turned into a huge nightmare and I'd be very grateful for some advice please..help!!


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