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How much is pay per click?

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    How much is pay per click?

    What the cost of Pay Per Click is that more expensive compare to other means of advertising?

    I'm not recommend pay per click or PPC there's a lot of PPC sites on internet, based on my experienced you need to click more than a thousands of ads so you can get $1, but if you have blogs or YouTube channel and you monetized it with ads, hmmm if I'm not mistaken the PPC is higher $0.05 depending of what ads click the viewer.


      Most of PPC jobs are way too easy to do so base on my experience? No, it doesn't give much of an earning and it just gonna waste your time and effort just to get a dollar from it so I suggest to go for some survey sites or try Social Medias, you just have to search for the right ones cause there's actually lot of jobs thru the online but not worth it.As a tip, you can try Stock Marketing which is what im doing and i actually earn lots of money in just a matter of minutes.


        I agree that we need to click thousands of times in order to get $1 in pay per click. The earning is so slow because some sites limit the boxes that you will click. Maybe, in order to get $1, you will earn it after more than 15 days. Does anybody know some sites that gives high rate per click?

        On the other hand, if you make blogs and put advertisements on it, you will surely earn.


          Actually I don't any idea how the pay per click works, did you ever try that site? What's that? They going to pay you by clicking something? so some of the par per click site is actually legit? How much money are you going to earn by clicking? I heard about the click sense but I never tried to sign up because I think it's just a scam. did you ever try that guys?


            Ppc websites are just for people with long patience to wait to earn small amount of money. I tried some ppc websites but it will take a long period of time to pay out money. They have only limited ads per day that's why it will take months before you earn little amount of money.


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              So its not applicable to join in pay per click site, well I think you're right, It's not even worth to spent time to wait for the advertisement and not even a good extra income site. But is all the pay per click site is doing the same?

            I have tried pay per click site.. some says that they earn big, but by reading and understanding the method that can be used to earn more, there are ways but it will surely take time and effort to earn more. i think they earn more through referrals rather than the actual pay per click job. i mean logically having your advertisement being click for a thousand times just to earn 1 dollar would take a while.. i even doubt you get it after a month. well others can be clever like create a click bate video from youtube. or something like really really interesting news that other people would want to click to see or hear the news.. then attaching their own ad so that they could earn while. there are ways to earn with this site i guess patience and cleverness would be needed to be successful in this line of job.


              I really don't recommend pay per click jobs since it will give you a very low earnings and it will take you much time just to meet their minimum withdrawals. You can only earn huge amount for a limited period of time if you have lots of referrals. Pay per click jobs are just a waste of time if you do not have referrals since making referrals is the best way to earn a lot better. Although you can make any strategy by upgrading your membership, but it maybe too expensive to take and would cost you a lot of dollars in your pocket. It is not really a good sort of extra income for my own opinion since it will take you many months to really start earning. Although pay per click jobs are very easy to do, but I find it hard to earn huge profit out of it.


                Pay per click sites have been recently rising through out the years as accessibility and availability to modern gadgets are prevalent. While an advantage sure is present there are certain problems or inconvenience that can be encountered, so in this post i'll share the pros and cons of PPC websites from my experience.

                1. The amount of time you require are solely in your convenience as every home based job always mentions this perk. If gives the user control over when and how long can they do it.
                2. The amount you can earn are is also up to you
                3. Most of the times they require no registration fee for joining.

                Here's the catch
                1. They implement certain points which is equivalent to real currency through modes like paypal and amazon gift cards AND EACH PAY OUT MUS BE EQUIVALENT TO A NUMBER OF POINTS LIKE 1000PTS = 1 DOLLAR so reaching a their certain quota can be difficult.
                2. They have a minimum pay out redemption ranging from 5 to 10 dollars.
                3. Not everyone can participate as region restriction and availability filters unneeded audience.

                So that's my experience so far BUT I DO NOT DISCOURAGE THIS KIND OF WEBSITES because they are legit and a possible source of extra financial assistance and convenience.


                  Pay per click job is easy but I am not earning as of this time. I have joined for a couple of months but until now I have not redeemed the payment because the minimum amount to redeem is too high. The cost of pay per click that I have joined is very very low. It costs $.0001 per click and it only offers 30 clicks per day. So, it will take many months for me to reach the minimum requirement in order to be get paid.


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