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100 thank you cards. $5,200 extra revenue

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  • 100 thank you cards. $5,200 extra revenue

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    Came across this story on Reddit yesterday and thought some Tendri users might enjoy it!

    Max wanted to improve the number of client referrals for his removal business. So he designed and printed 100 thank you cards, wrote 100 handwritten letters and bought 100 lottery tickets. Which he then bundled into a nice package and posted to his previous 100 clients.

    What happened? Well, over the next 9 weeks sales coming from referrals shot up by 140%, making him an extra $5,200 every month!

    Why does it work? Well, to quote Max:

    When everyone else is plowing money into Adwords, I think there is an opportunity out there to be a human, build trust, and stand out from the crowd.

    It's fresh, it's different, it gets people talking. And for any regional business that's key.

    If you find this sort of thing useful, I write 2 marketing case studies every week over on Marketing Examples. All free! Any questions, I'll be in the comments.

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