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12 tips to become an E-commerce master

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  • IDEAS 12 tips to become an E-commerce master

    OK! Question for you.
    Have you ever tried to sell something online and did you succeed at it? Or maybe, you had a hard time selling the watch grandma gave you for your graduation that you put on sale because of a personal financial crisis. Well don't worry you'll be much better at E-commerce once you know the secrets of the trade. Counting down from last,

    12. Determine the best price- When you pick a price, off the wall the buyer will notice it and think twice before even clicking on your ad you see unless you produce unique unicorn tears soda. There always be competition on any Web site or app you use even if you add professional pictures of your item and write a description that's worth a Pulitzer Prize. People will still look at the price tag. If you're trying to sell something that's really common, prospective buyers will scroll through hundreds of similar products and most of them are sorted by prices from low to high. If you land at the top of this pyramid chances are people won't even see your product. So aim for the happy medium. Or if you really want to sell the item A.S.A.P. set a price that's way lower than the competitors. Remember the price you name shouldn't be higher than 50 to 60 percent of the market price because who would want to buy a used item at the price of a new one.

    11. Pick the right timing- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings are the best times to post your ad online because a lot of people are casually browsing at this time. Payday weekends are also a good time to put stuff for sale. If you're trying to sell something at an online auction, remember that auctions ending after midnight are the worst bidders normally get more active in the final hours or even minutes of the auction and not many of them will stay up until midnight to buy that camera of yours. Try to plan posting so that the auction ends between 7 and 9 p.m. on weekdays or Sunday when Internet browsing activity peaks and avoid Friday and Saturday evening when a lot of people are out.

    10. Think seasonal- When would you personally shop for a pair of skis, in July or in December? Similarly you're more likely to buy summer clothes in May than in October unless you live in a tropical climate. I think you get the logic behind this. There is a reasonable time for every item and you might have to plan and wait but it'll be worth it in the end. If you can't wait to put up an item that's out of season. Be prepared to get way less money for it. Computer accessories, auto parts and similar items that are considered functional never go out of season.

    9. Create a trustworthy profile- People are more likely to buy from a seller, they can trust. So pick a simple and professional looking user name, Anna Smith sounds better than kitten angel fluffy and stuff. In this case, if you're planning to sell a certain kind of stuff you could include it in your username. If you're friendly with your buyers they'll most likely leave you with positive feedback. If you're just starting out on a Web site like eBay you can build a good history. If you buy stuff from other sellers and leave them positive feedback, it might be a little investment worth making.

    8. Add a bonus- Everybody loves gifts. Marketers have long used this trick to sell products that aren't exactly the most popular. A free gift or a bonus increases the value of the purchase in the eyes of the buyer. It will also work if the supply of a certain item is too abundant. For example, when you're selling a laptop, offer a flash drive or headphones as a gift. A toy would go well with children's clothes and so on. Be sure to mention the bonus in the beginning of your ad.

    7. Try selling in groups- This trick works especially well for clothes. Try bundling a few similar things up, like a perfect summer outfit or five tee shirts for a 3 year old. The buyer will like the idea of getting more than one item at a good price.

    6. Let the buyer bargain- A price that looks too low may alert the buyer. They may wonder what if the item is defective or not as good as you're saying it is. So if you're ready to sell stuff at a rather low price set a higher one and mention you're open to bargaining. This catch phrase often attracts even those people who didn't plan on buying this or that item. When you agree to a lower price. You'll make your buyer happy and get just as much money as you plan to in the beginning.

    5. Consider shipping costs- The Internet brings together people from different regions and parts of the world. So quite often sellers have to ship stuff to buyers who are miles away. Who will cover the shipping costs or courier services? Make sure to mention these details in the description or discuss them with prospective buyers before sealing the deal to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    4. Never agree to put a hold on something- If you've ever tried to sell something online you've most likely come across buyers who ask you to put a hold on your dress until tomorrow Monday, their next payday and on and on and on. You can choose to be kind and caring and wait on them but realize they don't actually have any obligations and can easily change their mind and not buy that dress two days later in online sales. Time plays against you. If there's a person who wants to buy the product immediately then sell it to them and don't feel guilty about the fact that you refuse someone who ask you to wait on them.

    3. Work on product description- A product description can make or break the deal so you'd better make it a masterpiece brief but to the point and tightly packed with keywords. Think Like a buyer. What would you want to know about the product before you purchase it. Mentioning detailed measurements and the condition of your product is a must. Otherwise people will call you and message you to ask for this info or ignore your ad altogether. What you can skip is why you decided to sell the product. It's pretty obvious that 99% of all cases that you just made money, work on a catchy title and on a really professional looking description avoid spelling mistakes and typos and don't use caps lock or emojis. It looks unprofessional. Don't neglect formatting proper structuring matters. Be honest and mention any defects the product has. They'll make buyers start a scandal once they get a surprisingly defective item later. If you still have the original packaging tags and manuals tell the buyers about them. You can justify a higher price if that's the case. You can use professional acronyms such as VGC (very good condition), BN (brand new) and so on. List your item in the right category or even a few different ones. As long as it fits. If you misplace the item you'll make it much harder for a prospective buyer to find it.

    2. Take some really good photos- Remember how you picked a hotel and a booking site because it looked great in pictures and then it turned out to be pretty much like all the others nearby. The same rule will work for your items. I don't recommend you Photoshop the stuff you're trying to sell but a good picture of an item is key to success. Look at Web sites and ads for inspiration and try taking a lot of good looking pictures from different angles. If you're trying to sell some clothing, iron it before you start the photo shoot and make sure the labels and price tags get in the shot. If you're selling electronics, also take pictures of warranty cards and manuals, if you still have them. Be honest and take pictures of defects if any. This will save you lots of time, you'd have to spend answering the questions about how big that crack you mentioned in the description is if you can't take professional pictures. Just take some shots off manufacturer's Web sites. They always stand out among tons of blurry photographs.

    1. Follow safety rules- Every Web site that allows users to sell stuff online has its safety rules, so when it suggests that you read them don't ignore the opportunity. Tips that work all the time are pretty standard. Don't disclose your personal information if you're arranging a meeting with a buyer, choose a public place or ask your friends to join you. And don't invite strangers into your home to take a look at the product you're selling. If you're selling a gadget take a picture of the serial number. Some people replace the purchase product with a broken one and then return it to the seller. As a result the seller loses money and goods.
    Hope to shower some values!

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    After reading your posting, I got so many information about the e-commerce master. It looks like that, it is very easy to become an e-commerce master. Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us and just keep it up...
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