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How can I promote my business for free?

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    How can I promote my business for free?

    I did like to promote my business for free, because i don't have the fund to market or promote my business. Are there any way i can promote my business for free without spending any money?

    You could use social media sites like facebook or youtube. Create a good article or video and post it on facebook or youtube. If people will like your post then they will help you to reach other people by sharing it to their timelines. Think first of helping people through your post or videos and they will also help spread out your business.


      You can probably use all of your social media sites with a decent amount of followers and friends. But having no fund to promote or to drive traffic to your business is kinda hard like you need to pay something like a $5-10 in order to have a successful traffic. And also, I was told that you need to experiment and need to lose some money to learn and be ready to go to the top, if you know what I mean.


        There are two ways you can promote your business. Online and On-field.

        You can make a video or a website about your business and you post and share it on a traffic sites, facebook, youtube, and other social media accounts.

        You can print some flyers, posters and others things that people will be able to attract to your business.


          If you're looking to promote your business for free, there are quite a few options which you can opt for.
          1. Classified websites:
          If you're selling something, you can easily promote your business with the help of classified websites. You can opt for the free advertisement option on the classified websites.

          2. Social media:
          You can even try and create a community online. Once you are able to create a sizable community, it becomes easier for you to get consistent traffic.

          3. Posting content and ranking for a longer tail keywords:
          If you are able to post a bulk content, it would be possible for you to rank your website for the longer tail keywords. This would help you in getting some traffic and conversions for your website.

          If you are literally looking at 0 cost marketing methods, these are the 3 which can get you started.


            It's very simple brother all you need to do is make a good good product because business it should have a good good product.

            When people know that your product is really good the PEOPLE OR YOUR COSTUMERS will ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT to there friends relatives or there neighbor and it will spread.

            your costumer is your advertiser and it's free just make sure that you take care your customers if they had a bad comments take it as a good comment atlist you know what you should do next to make your product perfect.

            Accept bad comments it is showed that your product need some improvement listen to the costumer because the costumer is your ideas.


              use social media. I think Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest attracts more traffic now. start marketing your product on your account in Facebook, then create a page or a group. also try to find websites that you can posts your product for free. if you have the editing skills you can create flyers or posters and do some field marketing. there are a wide range of marketing strategies now a days. you can also try YouTube. try making a video and let the people know about that product.

              hope this helps.


                Simple, just use social media, since there is an option if you like to pay them but you can also promote you business for free. It also depends on you if you have budget then go for it. Best to use Facebook and YouTube, since this apps really popular and many users, you will have more opportunity to promote you business for free. Also consider the offline target market, you can promote by just giving flyers and tarpaulin.


                  There are many ways to promote your business for free and the number 1 on the list would be through social media site. You can make a page, shrare it with your friends to get like, and from your page start uploading stuff about your business. Ask for reviews from you costumers because reviews will be one of the factor they will before they do business with you.


                    You can post about your business for free through the use of social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. In addition to that, you can make blogs about your business. You can post your blogs to some sites that requires no payment. You can also make videos about your business and post it on YouTube for free.


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