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    Have you ever used a social media influencer to promote your business or item?

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    There are different forms of marketing through "social media influencers", have you tried any and what has been your experience?

    For several of my online businesses, I have tried promoted posts and sponsored posts. Let me explain the two.

    The promoted posts that I am referring to are easier to spot as advertisements. Influencers will have a post showing your item or website and/or a clickable link in their profile. This post will be shown for the amount of time agreed to and deleted afterwards. I have found this method to be more affordable, but less effective.

    The other method I have used is to send products to influencers who embody the brand and have a high number of followers and engagement. In exchange for the free item, they will incorporate it naturally into a photo or a post. This is a more subtle way of advertising that not only showcases the item, but also comes with the influencers' endorsement. Most oftentimes the cost for this is the product itself and shipping. For very valuable influencers with massive followings, there will also be their cost attached as well. While this isn't the cheapest way to use social media marketing, this is my preferred method and I have seen the benefits and ROI to be better than through promoted posts.


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      Yes, I have used social media for advertising my website's products and it is a wonderful platform to promote your business on it.
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        This is funny to me because when I told my husband about Instagram Influencers who are like celebrity endorsers of products, he hastily created an Instagram account and started the buildup of his connections. He said that if he could get 100 followers in a week then he could get thousands in a year. Unfortunately it is easier said than done. After getting less than 100 followers in a month, his Instagram account became inactive voluntarily. Maybe there is an X factor to be an Influencer that no matter how you work on getting followers you will not get a lot if you don't have the X factor.


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