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How do you create an influencer marketing strategy?

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  • ASK How do you create an influencer marketing strategy?

    The Goal - Influencer marketing strategy is created based on what your goal is. First setup your goal: For example, if your goal is driving sales, YouTube is better than Instagram, because links in Instagram posts are not clickable; yet if your goal is brand awareness, Instagram will do the work.

    The Right Influencers - While choosing a platform is important, choosing the right influencers also takes a lot of work. Often times, people think that a UK influencer must have a majority of followers from the UK. But that is not necessarily the truth. Before I choose anyone I want to make sure that the influencers have the right audience demographics as my targeted audience demographics. I use an AI tool called which shows all influencer demographics and audience demographics.

    The Strategy - Then, after you pick the influencers you want, you could come up with a strategy which could be a Top-down strategy: Have one big guy to do the shutout for you and several tops to mid influencers to response with the shout out and then use a lot of everyday influencers to create a viral effect. This is just one of the strategy. You could also piece different influencers together for a great story, etc.

    Tracking - After that execution will eat up the majority of your time, and tracking results sometimes can be tricky, too. I encourage you to use an influencer campaign management software for better management.

    These are just the tip of the ice berg of influencer marketing strategy.

    More information : Influencer marketing

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