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Is there a technique or strategy in getting people to sign up (referrals)...?

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    Is there a technique or strategy in getting people to sign up (referrals)...?

    Hello guys. I've been using some apps and sites for a long time already and I could really use some help. How do I get lots of referrals? Can anyone please help out. thanks

    Just tell the truth. Sometimes even me, I hate the lies about the referrals system. Some of the people telling all the good things about the particular app. just to get the referral, and after that, nothing. they just using the people to earn more. Once you get a referral, help the person also, about the idea to the particular app.


      vin.averia i belive some refferal system work just write quality information about the site or apps you want refere and share on social media and that will help you get a lot of referrals. Just do mass post of the link on your social media page. ion i disagree with you some refferal website works but it just really hard to earn from referral network.


        Honestly I hate networking some networking sites are scam and sad to say you need to invite your friend to gain referrals, once your friends join and you gain referrals and you don't know it is a scam, your friends is a victim of scam also because you invited them to a scam site.

        Make sure is it legit before you referred others.


          I always have a tough time in making referrals. Although I have been working on many well paying legit sites, but I have not made even a single referral till date. I don't know anything about how to start making referrals. I really wish that I come up with some good referrals so that I can add up my earnings. But, the method appears really tough.


            I think that depends on that application or site you want to refer.If that site or application is trusted, have a good review and have a good reputation many will be encouraged to sign up for your referral.Just make sure you are really aware of that system and confident to refer other before inviting people to join with you.


              Honestly, even I is having a hard time on getting referrals. Sometimes it is really hard to convince someone to join under you even though you are showing them your payment proofs. But most that I have seen now is that people do make referrals
              by the use of paid to post forums. They will to the marketplace of the forum, post their offers with little rewards to get referrals and this is one of the most effective way to get referrals.


                Create a YouTube channel and make videos relative to the sites you're talking about and leave your refferal / affiliate links there. If your video is convincing enough then people would start signing up. Also advertise or share it to Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media sites.


                  The best bet about getting referrals with ease,is for you to sign up on a legit and paying site,get your own proof of payments and advertise the site along side your payment proofs for others to see and you will have more referrals with this method.people always want to join genuine earning sites.


                    If you have used them you can explain to people the benefits of using them. You can use your existing social media accounts or open others. Just explain to your followers the benefits you get from using your apps. This is the best basis for referrals in my opinion. Telling people that you have been using the apps for a long time and how well they work is the best strategy for referral, that would work in my opinion. Also if you can take a screenshot of when you joined the sites and prof of some of the benefits you get for using the site then you are good to go. Also what helps is an incentive if they join e.g like free credits e.t,c.


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