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A comprehensive insurance plan

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    A comprehensive insurance plan

    While comprehensive car insurance can be a bit more expensive than Third party car insurance, these two have different purposes. But it is recommended to go for comprehensive insurance for your vehicles. Third party insurance covers only the cost for the damages caused to the third party through your vehicle. A comprehensive insurance plan covers a vehicle not only on the damage caused by you to a third party but also damage caused to your vehicle.

    List of coverage's in the Comprehensive car insurance
    • Windshield damages
    • Vandalism
    • Flood
    • Fire
    • Natural disasters
    • Damage caused by hitting an animal
    • Third party damage
    • Damage caused by accidents
    List of coverage's in the Third party car insurance
    • Property damage by the insured vehicle
    • Injuries or death caused by the insured vehicle
    • Third party theft
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