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The advantages of Health Insurance

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    The advantages of Health Insurance

    Nobody wish to get sick, yet many people still need medical care or attention- just like visit to a doctor, a drug prescription, physical therapy, or counseling, a lab test - at some point. These types of services can be very expensive.

    And if anything happens that will needs surgery or emergency healthcare, it is really essential to have coverage. Fixing a broken lower leg can cost up to $4,500.

    One particular advantage of medical insurance. is that almost all health insurance plans cover similar type of important health benefits, even for a pre-existing medical condition.

    Additional coverage
    Generally there may be additional advantages of health insurance when you compare health insurance providers, like policy that provide vision and dental coverage, and coverage for acupuncture services. You will see what each policy provides when you compare them side-by-side.

    Having a health insurance can save you from financial crisis in emergency situation. Getting sick is unexpected. Nowadays,having a health insurance is a must. You just have to do background check of the company before getting involved into it. Make sure that the financial advisor you are inquiring into is licensed. It is important to ask everything tilo be able to answer all your queries. Most of the insurance company is accompanied with investment depending to your country. Some is international as well. Health insurance should be on top of your priority list. Remember, HEALTH IS WEALTH.


      It good to have a health insurance can save from emergency getting sick health is wealth


        Here in the Philippines we are encourage to get our Health Insurance. It's a good benefit for us workers to have it cause you don't know when illness strike. In terms of emergency you can avail discount from hospital which is a good for our budget. And if you are in sick, you can get sick leave which is payed even you are absent from work, and which a benefit also. Remember having a trusted health insurance is great deal for you worker especially when you are working at a high risk job for example construction and etc. Even you got deducted from your salary with these insurances, I'm sure you would not regret that you avail them because time will come that this insurance is a great help in terms of emergency.


          You'll always ready whatever happens. I admire those dangerous jobs that gives attention to their workers with full benefits and insurance.


            To have a health insurance nowadays is very important. But try to look for insurance company that covers almost everything.


              Sickness and accident are inevitable. We could not escape if that time comes into our lives. It is also normal for us to go for treatment. Having a health insurance is a necessity. It is a big help because we do not have to pay the gross amount of the bills but only a part of it. I personally enjoy the benefit of health insurance because I have been in the hospital for many times in a year. I paid smaller than what should I to pay. My husband also had a minor operation a year ago. He went out of the hospital without paying. His insurance paid it all.


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