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About Car Insurance Policy

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    About Car Insurance Policy

    The Advantages of getting Third Party Vehicle Insurance, car insurance policy covers the particular owner just in case of any kind of legal liability due to death or injuries to anybody or damage to any property or home caused by the insured car.

    Types of Car Insurance coverage Policy
    3rd party Vehicle Insurance policy Exclusions
    Third party only car insurance coverage is not going to protect the cost of damages to a car or the belongings inside the car just in case of an accident. It will likewise not offer cover if your vehicle or belongings are lost or destroyed.

    The Major Difference Between Third Party And Comprehensive Insurance policy Cover
    The advantages and disadvantages of these types of vehicle insurance will depend on many factors. Its important to better know these factors to be able to compare, review and choose the best car insurance plan.

    Worth of the vehicle: If the value of your vehicle is very low, it is advisable to consider 3rd party motor insurance policy because repairs to damages caused may be managed easily. It is actually less expensive to pay money for repairs when its compared to pay money for the high rates associated with comprehensive insurance cover. Nevertheless, in case the car is new and costly, comprehensive cover is much better option.

    Insurance coverage: 3rd party insurance coverage covers problems to third party car, accidental injuries caused to some other individuals in car accident, and also damage to 3rd party property. Many companies charge extra for 3rd party property insurance coverage. This coverage has become a priority these days since cost of repairing damages to the car is high. But it does not offer a person any kind of coverage towards damages to your own personal car.

    In case what you are searching for is insurance coverage for on your own car, a comprehensive car insurance coverage policy is exactly what you need. It is a much wider insurance coverage plan because it has provisions for 3rd party as well. Comprehensive insurance policy coverage is actually costly compared 3rd party insurance policy cover.

    The Cost: A comprehensive insurance policy cover is far more costly than a 3rd party cover because it offers insurance coverage for a wide range of loss,damage,injury.

    It is advisable to be safe, than sorry. Accidents occur unexpectedly, and it can seriously weigh take your financial resources. There could be small advantages and exeptions depending on the insurance company and it is best to check out the conditions in detail before getting a policy.

    For my brand new car i would go with comprehensive car insurance policy. Third party is surely cheap but it is worthless.I enquired about many and still on the doorsteps to take one. I am in need of the best car insurance policy in dubai and I have mentioned the most suggested one in last line. Has anyone got any good thoughts on car insurance policy in UAE.


      From my research and based up on the opinions of others I found Oman insurance company is the best selling car insurance policy in UAE. I do found reasonable covers along with the comprehensive policy.


        Hi I have read the post regarding car insurance policy that you have provided is helpful. And I want to give some more information regarding the car insurance.It is really useful insurance that if you have a car even in case of any accident death this insurance helps a lot.It depends on the type of policy you have, but car insurance typically covers your vehicle, the damage that you might cause to other vehicles, to the property of other drivers and to other motorists generally. car insurance can include, cover for a host of different items, including personal belongings, medical expenses and breakdown assistance.And in these different car insurance policies are there.
        • Third party
        • Third party fire and theft
        • Fully comprehensive



          I also agree with the need for a comprehensive car insurance policy instead of merely with a third party liability policy. A comprehensive car insurance policy give you many options that you can opt to take or not according to your necessity. Moreover, it will protect you from the loss you have to face and also the third party.


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