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In order to make money on the Forex market you have to buy low and sell high, quite simple.

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Can you provide at least three legit money making website?

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    You can also try skylom which is similar to baymack and snuckles but has a more chances of winning. You will just watch videos to earn some coins which can be used for joining the lottery. Another is claiming some Bitcoins at the different faucet. Although it will just require you much time and patience since it will take much time for you to earn. Making money also on some well known paid apps such fronto and qricket spin wheel apps to acquire money directly to your PayPal account.


      Hi. First is postloop, second is beermoneyforum and third is iphpanelonline. These websites are paying actually and also you may try the 2captcha. Hope you may earn as many as you can, just enjoy and goodluck!


        For me the three Postloop, Globaltestmarket and Usertesting. these three are the best out there Postloop is just writing some comments and you will be rewarded money if you earn enough points that they required its like 50 points. Globaltestmarket is pretty tricky because you need to be very careful what you do in your survey or else you might get the screen out but if you always qualify for the survey it will only take 3 weeks to get you pay. Last is Usertesting is the best in these three but the passing rate to test is very hard but if you get in its a good way to earn some cash.


          As of now the only legit money making site that I can give to you is the Paid view poin, where all you need to do is to answer all the surveys. It is legit because many people already paid out of it. Here's a link anytime you want to check it out. Paid view point - . by the way you can already have 1 dollar in signing up in this.


            Originally posted by penslinger View Post
            Most of the sites I joined needs you to wait days before you will know if you are accepted or not. One example is Upwork where I worked on my account to complete it and make it professional on all possible ways but somehow for some reason, i still cannot make it. Can you provide any legit or at least easier route to earn online?
            I've heard UserTesting is a legit site. They pay for $10 per day. You need to pass their exams. You'll be given a task and record your own insights. You'll need a microphone to record your own voice. Avoid doing tasks if your surrounding is noisy. You need to speak clearly so they gonna understand you properly and give you higher ratings. You can watch YouTube and search for UserTesting to have a proper knowledge about the site.


              Yes, there are legitimate sites that really pay. I have already received payments. You can search about those sites such as earning while watching videos. This is very easy job because you have to watch in a minute or less then identify if it is a vlog or music,etc. If you get the correct answer, you are entitled for a raffle draw. Another site that is legitimate is joining the free bitcoin. It is free and easy to join. It is legitimate too. And lastly, search for a site that offers surveys. Though the surveys are not daily, but this really pays when you completed the surveys.


                There are various paying application out there that you can try but some of them are time consuming. There's no easy way in earning money online because you must fully understand the way it goes. I do recommend Human Robotic platform for you to try and the program will lets you listen to huge number of calls and just select the appropriate verdict on that recording. Simply visit the website and make sure to indicate your verified paypal account there and of course pass the initial screening. Good luck bud!


                  I absolutely can. You should definitely try out TheForumWheel, AyuWage and Neobux. All legit, paying and paying really quickly, working sites. Of course you need to work hard, as you do anywhere else. But still, it's definitely worth checking out, since it can't hurt you, it can only fill up your wallet. Also if you happen to have any questions regarding any of these sites feel free to let me know, i am more than happy to help you. I know a lot more legit sites, just need to know what exactly are you willing to do for money.
                  Much love, have a nice day!


                    Well, there's a lot of sites that paying in exchange for your service. One example is Postloop which we currently using, you will earn points by posting topics and sharing your comments on others. The points are then convertible into cash. Another example is GoTranscript, you will be given a video and audio that needs to be transcribed. Usually between 10 - 20 minutes transcribe audio and video is worth $ 2 - 3 dollars. I highly recommend this site because there's a lot of transcribing work you can do here, and there is no limit on how many transcribing you will do in a day. Another example is GlobaTestMarket, it is giving surveys to the members and in exchange you will also earn points that are convertible into cash.


                      I first started out with and it's actually the first online website that paid me the first dollar I ever earned in life. It wasn't a big amount that I earned on my first withdrawal, I think it was just $30 but I felt so happy that it seemed like it was $30,000 that I earned.

                      It was after a while that I was introduced to postloop and it has ever been a wonderful experience for me because I have earned quite a lot ever since I joined postloop. I have also introduced a few of my serous friends who want to make money online to postloop and Theforumwheel, they have settled in just fine with working on both sites.


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                        I'm quite interested on Can you tell me more about it and how does it work? I want to explore new websites that have an opportunity to earn. I was amazed that you've got $30 dollars as your first paycheck on that website. I am looking forward to trying it too soon. Any tips from you will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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