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A simple guide overview on how you can make money online!

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  • A simple guide overview on how you can make money online!

    Hi there!

    So you want to know how to make money online?

    There are many different ways to make money on the internet, you can sell things on eBay, run a consulting business, do freelance work or even run a website. In this article I’m not going to give you a list of different ways, instead I’m going to outline exactly how I make money and how you can do the same if you want to earn anything from $100, to $1000 to $10,000+ a month. The best part about this, is once you've put in the work, it will keep working for you rather than you having to work continuously everyday.

    My Simple but Effective strategy for making money online.
    1. Build a website in a specific niche (e.g acne, Forex, golf, weight loss)
    2. Get ranked for targeted keywords (e.g acne cure, Forex software, weight loss)
    3. Offer good free information (try and actually help the visitors)
    4. Recommend a good product (take an affiliate commission)
    5. Recommend good products that offer a recurring commission (ie. from subscriptions).

    That is literally what I do, I make reviews and help people discern the good from all the BS crap there is out there. But the best part is, when you've put in the effort, you don't have to keep putting in more work, that's the beauty of doing reviews, once the review is up, that review will keep on being able to make you money, completely passively and recurring. Then when you begin to make more reviews, you will be able to rack in those commissions like clockwork.

    I highly recommend this system: Wealthyaffiliate - which is the one I currently use, and the reason I highly recommend it, is due to all of it's features and the community being people who want to learn and help other how to make money online and improve their skills in doing so.

    IF you're interested in the product that got me started with online money making journey, which I still highly recommend: The Google Sniper System - It's the most updated and current version.

    When you go searching on the internet for online products to help you make money, at least 80-90% of the products you find will be BS rehashed or just not very good products. I know this from my experience running review websites and also my experience of buying products before I started making money (e.g when I was searching for the answer like you are now). There are even products out there that literally is just copy and paste from Google.

    I hope this have been helpful to you.

    Feel free to ask any questions, I will try to answer your questions, should you have any - but do be patient as I have many things I currently work on.

    To Your Success!

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    This strategy is quite true. Affiliate marketing is something a beginner can do if they study it well. You should also pay attention to the SEO aspects of a website or blog.
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      We must setup our goal to reach it
      Be a Boss to Earn ₹30000 Monthly


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