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Your Reasons to do Home based Business

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    Your Reasons to do Home based Business

    If you really think that having a home based business is your solution to have financial freedom and escape from your usual 9-5 then its time for you to really think about the true reasons why you want to pursue an home based business.

    Having a home based business is all about an idea. An idea that is suitable depending upon the circumstances of your life. We have seen many online home based business opportunities in the web today.

    The freelancers, digital nomads, influencers, online sellers etc. that we tends to get envy at the success that they are enjoying. So many are the options that we tend to get paralysed in focusing what really type of home based business that we want to pursue. Its all about having the right reasons in pursuing an home based business.

    If your reasons was only that your lazy going for work or you do not want to face the everyday struggle in commuting or maybe the relationship with your co worker just got messy then you have the wrong reasons in starting an home-based business Why? because your not pursuing opportunities you only want an escape in the form an home based business.

    My suggestion would be to not leave your current job but instead use your extra time to do a home based business. Many people would think that they don't have enough time but the reality is , we have an extra 4 hour per day if we remove other time consuming activities like Facebook, watching TV, YouTube etc.

    All we need is to discipline ourselves and use that extra time in pursuing an home based business while still having a regular job. The idea for this is that this will be your testing ground to see if really a home based business is suitable to you or not and this will also be your opportunity to learn while you are earning extra on the side.

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    This topic about starting up a home-based business is quite interesting and one of the latest fads in the world of technology and online commerce. I agree that thinking of beginning a business at home may prove difficult if you are not prepared nor ready. It is necessary to count the costs first and to study the situation at hand. We cannot just jump right into the decision of leaving our 8-hour job at the office or in the corporate world just because of a fight with a colleague or by reason of the traffic jam. If we make such a premature decision, we might be in danger of losing our very means of livelihood.

    It is wise to jot down all the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages that might occur once we leave our job in the outside world and how we could pay the bills at the same time through the use of a laptop/PC, internet and an online work. I am a work at home wife and my first few months in the home-based job was not easy. However, I already had the years of experience and discipline required as a training from my prior jobs in corporate and law firms. At first, it was hard to find a client for my writing job and I was not earning much in the first 2 months until I was able to find the perfect online writing organization that gave me the opportunity to be one of their writers. I started to earn a few dollars on the side since I did not only stick to this one online work. I also had an online business selling toys and crafts. I started to gain the trust of more clients and more projects were given to me to write and to accomplish.

    I do agree that discipline is needed if we are working at home because there are tons of distractions such as the television, the bed wherein we might be tempted to sleep more rather than work, and the habit of seeing how messed up the house is and we start to clean before even starting our online work only to realize that we have already spent 5 hours cleaning the home clutter.

    If we search through the net, there are numerous success stories of home-based workers who started out earning little and now have become more established on their online work or business venture. All it really takes is the mindset that is focused on seeing one's self succeed.


      My reason for doing business at home is to earn as much as i can, to supplement my day job. I do home based Business not just for the profit but for the pleasure i derive from it.


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