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  • I need some advice

    Hey guys? I am a newbie here and I am happy about the tons of information and knowledge on the platform.

    For over a week now I have been staying home as part of the nationwide lockdown to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic that is robing us of so many loved ones. While at home, I got intrigued about the prospect of making some money online as opposed to binge-watching movies on Netflix.

    In my search I came across too many shinny offers that just seemed to good to be true and I passed them on. But then yesterday while on Facebook, I got to chatting with a long lost friend who I haven't met since high school. Eventually I told him about what I was trying to do and he sent me a link to an article.

    This one seems to kinda legit and am really thinking about giving it a try, but obviously am not too sure.

    Has any one here come across it before? and if so, is it really legit or a scam?

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    Here is a link to the article


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      How To Make Free Dollar On Fiverr With No Skills.

      Welcome to the right place to learn how to make money online in this time of pandemic of Coronavirus,

      Most people are forced to stay at home, market close has economic keep running down offline daily as the COVID-19 disease keeps spreading.

      we have to look for alternative ways to keep the house running. where are we supposed to turn to make money the legitimate way online? And that’s what online work can do anyone ready to work from home.


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        The lockdown is a blessing in disguise actually. For instance it's a wake up call to many people that we really need to have a back-up plan. I for one, started to look for ways to create multiple streams of income and I found that making money online is the best option. I have tried a few, some are working some are not, but it gives me a moral boost that without any technical experience I can still make it. I've benefited from the various FREE training and managed to pick up few tips and strategies which really helped me in making money online. If anyone need some pointers, send me a message and I'll gladly provide some useful sources which may help.


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          Hey guys I'm new and this corona thing make you change certain thing in your life and that can put under a lot of pressure. I got laid of from work and since then I've trying to find something that would still bring in money while at home and its really hard. O for instance have lost thousands of dollars falling victim to scammers and almost lost hope. But I didn't and finally we thing legit came through and now I'm making even more money than I was in my 9-5 jobs so if your struggling don't lose hope something will give way. So to Hans and others don't give up the search.


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