Do you Have a business or website you would like to advertize or promote and feel the community should see? Post your advertisement in this section.


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Advert Promotion Guidelines

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  • Advert Promotion Guidelines

    Forum Members can simply post their ad by creating a new thread in this section. Adverts posted within this section get the attention of our members and visitors

    Make sure you consider the following guidelines:
    1. When making a thread please provide us with as much detail and information on what you are selling or giving away or looking to trade. Do not mislead people into buying something that they are not. Doing so will result in you being permanently banned from
    2. Post count. Your post count must be 3 or higher, this is to prevent new members from jumping in and scamming people.
    3. Do not try to buy, sell, or offer services that have to do with fraud. This includes, but is not limited to, credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal accounts, identity theft.
    4. Topic? Use an appropriate subject line. Why should someone click on your message? Make it short and relevant, with as much info in the first few words as possible. The subject has to encourage them to click on your message.
    5. Images? Would an image make your advert better? Add one to the post You might get a better result.
    6. Cross posting. Don't post your topic in more than one area, unless really necessary to do so. You will annoy others by doing this.
    7. Multiple posts. If you wish to repost or remind people about something in your original post, then reply to your own post. Don't start separate threads about the same thing, this creates clutter and will annoy others.
    8. We do not allow ****, warez or anything illegal or inappropriate here. You will be banned immediately if breaking this rule because we take this very seriously.
    We reserve the right to change these Guidelines and close a thread without prior knowledge. If your thread was closed and you have no idea why, you can always contact us.
    Disclaimer: We only provide this forum for users to Showcase/Buy/Sell/Trade items. We don't take responsibility for any transactions here, it is at your own risk.

    Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.

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    Very nice information, you have shared with us and I really likes these advert promotion guidelines so just keep it up and grow with the new ideas as well.
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        Very nice information


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          Thank you for this information. I am still work my way around here, good thing you have this post. Keep me guided. Thank again.


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            Hello I've reached the minimum of five posts to post links, but still when I posted the sixth post with link, it was marked unapproved, what's the problem?


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              If your post have a link it will be unapproved, it will be manually be approve to avoid flooding the forum with links or spam.
              Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.


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