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How Blog Make Money – Best Guide For Newbies

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  • IDEAS How Blog Make Money – Best Guide For Newbies

    Distinguish Blog and Website
    A blog is an online diary. behind that, there is an individual, or a group created (they are called Blogger). A blog is also a website, but in essence, its content is constantly updated overtime on a specific topic. For example, my blog is about making money online based on my personal experience.

    Website created by individuals or organizations with the purpose of updating news, selling goods online, introducing services, sharing knowledge on a certain topic with their own purposes.

    A company or business usually has a website and they can also have a blog in it

    How much money a blogger can make?
    This is a very difficult question to answer. A blogger can make $2k, $5k, $10k, or maybe $100k per month. Because basically the income level of each blog will depend on many factors such as the quality of that blog, the blog topic that many people are interested in? What is the way the blogger is making money?

    All blogger in the world have one thing in common, they will:

    – Choose a specific topic (such as travel, food, marketing, etc.)
    – They then create a lot of valuable content to attract readers, helping readers find us a solution to solve the problem they are facing.

    and then…

    Some Ways To Make Money with Blog
    There are many ways to make money with a blog, but in this article, I will show you the 3 best ways.

    Let’s get started!

    1. Allow Others To Place Ads(Banner) On Your Blog and Get Paid
    If your blog is quality, has a lot of traffic, you will receive suggestions from partners.

    For example, if your blog is about beauty, there will be brands that want to advertise their products or pay you to write reviews to promote their newly launched products.

    They will even write a post and expect to pay you for their article to be posted on your blog

    In short, with a blog with good content, traffic large, and stable enough, you can make money from advertising, allow to place banners, sponsored posts is a very popular way. It’s like you own a house on a street with lots of people walking around and someone might rent your house to use some space.

    2. Make Money On Your Blog By Selling Your Products
    You can blog to support the business, the sale of products. For example, a woman who loves beauty can build a blog to share beauty tips and then open a store to sell handmade lipstick or cosmetics.

    The blog here plays a very good role in providing useful knowledge, reaching target customers and thereby building trust, turning them into loyal customers.

    A blog can also help you build a personal brand, from which you can provide services such as consulting, selling e-books, or online courses (this is the business of digital products).

    3. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

    Quite simply, Affiliate Marketing is the sale of other people’s products through your affiliate link to receive a commission.

    You should read the article: Affiliate Marketing Meaning – How To Make Money With It?

    The method of making money through Affiliate Marketing is the way that many bloggers like to apply because:

    You will not need to spend money to import products
    You will also need customer care and delivery
    No worries about inventory issues

    Your duty is simply to create useful content, then how to let customers click on your affiliate link, when they buy products/services you will be paid a commission by the supplier.

    Interesting from making money with affiliate marketing on the blog is that it is extremely passive, in addition, if you know how, just one article you can generate huge income

    What Topic Should Be Built On The Blog To Easily Make Money

    The topic of the blog is a very important factor, choosing a good topic will determine your success in blogging.

    There are 2 factors for you to choose your own blog theme:

    Is this topic a lot of people interested in?
    What is your passion? What is your favorite field (marketing, food, fitness, etc.)
    You should prioritize your passion first, because simply if you are passionate about something, there are many people who are passionate about it just like you.

    I have an advice to make it easier for you to decide on a blog topic!

    if you like fitness, your blog’s topic will be fitness, but narrow it down, for example, build a fitness blog for women, the people you target are just women.

    After having a topic for you, you should learn how to research keywords to know exactly what keywords your users are searching for. What is the exact number of searches per month?

    And always remember not to be in a hurry, build your blog from the simplest things when it first starts, take care of your blog every day. Once the blog is complete and has lots of great content, the blog will bring you money.

    Wish your family a good day!

    Mr. Simple88

    Original post on my personal blog: Here

    My personal blog: MrSimple88

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