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Automation of dropshipping on eBay / amazon - easync service. Free education.

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  • Automation of dropshipping on eBay / amazon - easync service. Free education.

    Dropshipping is when you are selling items around the world while at home or in the office, without having a warehouse, items or initial capital. This might seem rather simple. You create an online store, find customers, they buy your items. Then you buy the items from the manufacturer at the wholesale price, send to the client's address and earn profit. Sounds good, isn’t it?

    But as you know, the magic button does not exist. Dropshipping like any business model has its drawbacks ... The main thing is the huge amounts of routine work to find items, control balances and prices, place orders with suppliers, etc.
    But what if I tell you that most of this routine can be automated?
    Let me present you Easync.

    Easync Features:

    1. Searching products for sale - Easync searches for the best-selling products on eBay and creates the lists called “hot products”. This increases sales in 10-fold.

    2. Interest rate control - Easync will find the lowest bid among competitors. Both prices and balances are automatically checked every 15 minutes.

    3. Automatic Ordering – right after the order is placed on eBay, Easync will automatically order the items from the supplier and select the necessary delivery service so that your buyer receives the items as soon as possible (done in 60 seconds). Screenshots of the order and its tracking can be found in the details of the order.

    4. Messages - you can send messages directly to your eBay customers through our website. Easync also provides message templates and the ability to create your own for quick replies.

    5. Check for copyright infringement - Easync checks new and existing listings to prevent copyright infringement in your stores.

    6. 24/7 customer support - if you have any questions - dealing with your customers on eBay or difficulties using Easync, you can contact customer support. Our specialists are always online and ready to help you in any situation!

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
    Try Easync right now for free by starting a 10-day trial period.
    We provide a personal curator who will teach you for free how to earn more money using the service!

    Web site -
    TG - @easyncruby

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