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Health without Money or Money without good health which is better?

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    ASK Health without Money or Money without good health which is better?

    Which of these is really better, small alot of money without good health or good health with little money? For me i would go for a lot of money first, because with the money i can get good health

    Health is money if you don't have a good health how can you work and get money if you are sick and laying in the bed all day.

    Money can't buy life, if you have a good health you can find job and earn money if you don't have a good health how can you earn, when you applying a job no one will hire because you are sick

    Honestly for me money is the source of all evil and that's the reality, believe there's a GOOD in the world, many people do anything for money whether if its good or bad.


      Money can't buy everything. What is money without good health to enjoy. But you can still enjoy life without money but you have good health. If you are going to ask these old sickly multi millionaire business tycoons who have already been accomplished in life they would do anything just to have a good healthy life. As our age grow our health also deteriorates that is why even with all the money you have you'd wish to have a young and healthy life just the way you are when you are young which is very much impossible as money can't buy everything.


        Health is wealth. Money is important if you are sick though. You can buy the things that you need, like medicines etc. Pay your hospital bills and check ups, and even pay private nurse and doctors. You can even buy the things that may give you happiness. But I'd rather be healthy than wealthy, doing the things that I love and loving the things that I do.


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          True but what is money if your health remains the same...sickly. You maybe able to afford the very expensive health care and services but your sickness has no cure. But anyway like that you still opted for health rather than money as health is wealth and nothing replaces real happiness with the love and care of the family around.

        It is rightly said that " Health is like money. We never have a true idea of it until we lose it." I believe that both Health and Wealth are equally important for survival. Life appears tough if we lack any of the two. Both hold an individual identity and importance.

        All the money is simply a waste if a person lacks good health that allows him to avail the monetary benefits. In addition to it, lack of money makes life tough and difficult. A balance of the two is perfect for living a good life.

        But, if I have to choose one among the two, then it will be good health for sure. There is nothing better that living a life free of ailments. Good health will always keep me capable of earning money for my survival.


          Nice question, for me I would choose to be healthy even I do not have much of money. It's true that money is a big help for us especially when are sick, we need it to buy medicines and pay hospital bills. But if we are healthy we don't need to spend that much for our health and we can enjoy our lives in a simple way, no stress because being unhealthy and spending too much to cure our illness. So I better stay healthy so I could enjoy life just the way it should be.


            There have been cases when very rich people cannot eat what they want or do the things they like because of serious health problems. I would rather be healthy even if I don't have much money because I can work well and do many things that can increase my wealth. Besides, there are many things that money can't buy. As they say, the best things in life are free. Our lives, family, and friends can be our treasure. Of course, God should be at the center of it all. Jesus reminds us in Mark 8:36 "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"


              Health is wealth. How can you earn money if you are sick? I mean, there is no sense in earning if all your money will just go to your medication. I would rather be healthy with lesser income than be sick with a lot of money. Money cant buy health, but with good health, you can make money.


                I will go for health without money. money can earn what ever ages you are now, if you old or young, but health is for life time effect, its really hard to watch your health or be aware and work out about your body if you getting old. So be responsible to your body, or health, in situation right now, with a lot of online source of income, you can earn a lot of money even you're old. but you should consider your health first.


                  Good health without money, and be a hardworker to earn money. Life is greater than wealth.


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