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What is the most powerful tool in the world?

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    What is the most powerful tool in the world?

    A terrific questions that many people can answer in a couple of seconds. But don' t you think that the word powerful is like a hero. For me it's PRAYER nothing else. Faith in God is the sword that will win you fights in life.

    The most powerful tool in the word is money. With money you can do almost anything.

    Prayer without money is really nothing because you will be hungry and you will get tired to pray.

    Money comes first so you can have the courage to pray.


      BELIEF IN GOD is the most powerful tool in the world for me no matter what we have. We owe everything to him. He gave us all what we have now, luxury of lufe, amazing tools that we have, all the burdens and sufferings, joy and pain. At the end of the day, we will all surrender to HIM. No doubt, nothing else is considered as the most important tool for me, that's my belief that GOD is everything.


        The most powerful tool in the world is the combination of People and Money.
        People or population. A person who has a strong follower-ship wields a great influence among them. Winning people to belief in what you believe in is a most difficult task. If a person has large number of people following him, he can influence their political views, religion, interpersonal relationships, their participation in civil activities. Such people are feared and respected by the government. They are usually consulted secretly before major decisions are taken in a country, municipality, or regions. Politician would usually seek ways to get the favor of such individuals. A country or nation is technically controlled by people who have the largest number of voluntary fellowship.

        Money is a very massive tool. Money bags are usually entrepreneurs, captains of industries. These people control the economic activities of a region, municipality, country or place. They have the soul of the economy. Money is a very sure defense. It is so powerful because it is relatively scarce. There are many people in the world today who have less money than they require; in contrast, there are very few people who have lots of money than they actually, even for their next fifty generations. Those who don't have money are naturally subject to, and controlled by those who have. With money, one acquire many things that people hold dear, and thereby controlling them with the money tool.

        A person who has a great number of follower ship, and has lots of money has the most powerful tools in the world. He or she is considered influential and dangerous. They are usually accorded respect by the government whether secretly or openly.


          I believe what you're saying is right. But, you're actually asking about a 'tool'. So what I have in mind is obviously a bible. It's the only tool that speaks about the past, came and written in the past, and can see the future. It simply describes the alpha and omega, beginning and the end of our stay here on earth. What makes it powerful? It's definitely the answer about humanity. If some believe that we humans wasn't created by God and that the world came from a molecule of gas and then explodes, I know they'll be asking who created God also? It's the same thing for them, who do they think created those gases? God is ever-existing, in due time because of the wisdom given to everyone who touched the Word of God, they know where they'll be going, for there's no mankind can face the wrath of the Lord when He comes again. And that for sure, my Lord will save me. God bless us all.


            For me it is the trust in oneself and one's capabilities is the biggest tool that any human being has. The inner feeling that "Yes, I can do it"can always help to win over even the toughest and the most challenging situations.

            Here I'm not talking about overconfidence. Having a blind faith will lead us no where. But if we act wisely and don't refrain from investing the appropriate amount of hard work, things will definitely turn our way.

            The greatest power resides in You. It is you and only you who has the ability to change your destiny. But, always remember that hard work has no substitute and moreover, it should be done in the right direction.


              for me words. words can make a person going but it can also kill a person by discouraging him/her. So the next time you say something to a person, Think first if you will hurt him/her or not.


                I think pen, or pencil, because we can use the pen or pencil to start a plan, to start the goal, or even to start something that make this world better like some inventions, all of the things in this world start with a pen. We can avoid war by simply writing an apology letter, we can also show our talent by simply using pen to write some song lyrics, sketching or painting, we also create some new idea by writing all of our thoughts and share to every one.


                  For me, the most powerful tool in this world is the Bible. Yes, it is a tool you can used everyday. The bible is written and it serve as our guide in everyday life. As long as you are reading it I can assure that you will be guided in all the things that you are planning to do.


                    The most powerful tool in the world is Electricity imagined if we don't have electricity everything is useless but some people wasted and abused it.

                    When time comes maybe 2050 we all experienced electricity shortage or power shortage.

                    We all we need electricity because this generation is full of gadgets and some people can't live without it. That's why people died early because the radiation of those gadgets is not good for our health, but those gadgets is useless if we don't have eclecticity that's why I considered eclecticity is the main tool that can't people lived without it.


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