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Stay away from Social Media and Live a Better life.

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    Ideas: Stay away from Social Media and Live a Better life.

    You can stay away from Social Media and Live a Better life. If you're one of those people where social media controls your life live life for what it is. I miss the days, because yes I'm young, but I grew up in a time-frame where we all didn't have phones when we were younger. And I don't even have a nice phone, right? I have one of those cheap, free phones. It's an iPhone, but it's one of those free iPhone.

    Don’t Let Social Media Have Control Over Your Life
    Social media shouldn't take over your life. The moment it takes over your life, you need to get off of social media. Yeah, some of you will, but I'm seeing, especially with the younger crowd, that whatever they do they focus on capturing it versus living in that moment.

    Social Media May Not help you accomplish your goals
    The other big thing that I'm seeing is everyone's all about capturing every single moment versus getting stuff done in their life. If you're out there taking pictures all day, doing these Instagram stories, doing these Snapchats, when are you going ever to get work done? When are you going to ever create your own company? When are you going to ever learn more? When are you ever going to increase the traffic to your website? It's time to get off of social media.
    Stay away from Social Media and Live a Better life.
    Stay away from Social Media and Live a Better life.
    Whatever your goals are, I bet taking 20 pictures a day isn't helping you fulfill your goals. If it is, by all means, you do you, and you keep taking those pictures and posting them on Instagram and social media. But if that doesn't help you accomplish your goals, you need to get off of social media, and create some balance and don't spend more than an hour a day on social media and go and focus on accomplishing your goals, your dreams, because taking pictures, yes may seem cool, may make you feel Insta-famous, may make you have thousands of views on Youtube, or Facebook, or whatever it is, but I bet you in the majority of the cases you're not going to make that much money.

    Do something Reasonable with your time
    You're not going to succeed. What do you do when you grow up, and you have to pay your bills? I don't know. Can't be taking all those Instagram stories. Do something with your life. Yes, Logan Paul and Jake Paul are doing well, or the Kardashians are, but you're not them. Yeah, you may do alright, and you may get Insta-famous, but most people don't. They're not even the 1%. They're the 0.000001%. And that's probably not going to be you. It's more realistic to create a company and have it be worth millions of dollars than it is to be a Jake Paul or a Logan Paul. Moral of the story: if it's taking over your life and preventing you from achieving your goals you need to get off of social media.

    It really depends on what you're using social media for. In the case of YouTube for me it's Entertainment, because I can watch movies and informative videos in it. With Facebook I own an online store and I have several groups and pages in it, it's a good avenue on getting traffic and sales. So I think it really depends if your using social media correctly or not.


      Well it all depends on your time management, social media is a great tool in business but having so much time in social media could affect productivity specially if your running a business that deals with physical products. The best way to be productive is manage your time in using your social media, and also allocate your time on other important activities that doesn't involve online.


        Well,I'm one person that nothing good or bad can hold me now,I control things and not things controlling me.Social media is just a place I visit when I'm bored and it wouldn't take Me up to one hour to snapped out of my boring feelings,so I hardly spend time there because I'm a very busy person. Thanks for the post all the same.


          I think we should not ask people to stay away from social media. We should only limit them if we think they are over using it. We can keep on using it and have a better life at the same time. Why stay away from what's making us happy if we can keep in touch with it while enjoying a successful life? I think the better idea is: Know Your Priorities. Knowing our priorities doesn't keep us away from other things we love. It just lets us balance the things that we love and know which to do first. Just my thought.


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