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Should We Expect Answers to our Prayers?

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    Should We Expect Answers to our Prayers?

    When we pray to God we are actually communcating or talking to him. So, if in praying we are actually conversing with God, the question arises: if God should ever respond to us? The answer is definitely in the affirmative. Yes, God answers our prayers otherwise it becomes a useless endeavor. The right question probably should be: How does God answer my prayers? Any response from the forum members. Perhaps you can share how God has answered prayers in your life before and now, in the field of business or any other fields.

    Well God always answers my prayers because I have complete faith in Him. The way God answers prayers is in a way that you couldn't think off, that's why I know that the answer came from him.

    ​​​​​Sometimes it's hard to understand this but over time when I have a grave problem and I pray to God for help. Help comes in the most surprising or unthinkable ways.


      Doubt is what God hates. Never doubt that He can answer your prayers. But do not expect that you will get what ever you want in prayer because sometimes there's a No to God for you to be safe. But as God say Hope does not disappoint He will give surely the desires of your heart if it will cause good to you. But do


        Of course we should. There's no reason for praying when you don't ask for an answer right? It may be not literally answers but it can be signs also. There are times that it happens to me and I ask God if this is the answer to my prayer and I should be thankful about it.


          I have a faith with God. Whenever we pray and talk to him, he hear us. And I believe thAt nothing is impossible God. All our prayers were answered but at the right timing and time. Always talk to him and.I know he heared our prayers and looking for a perfect time to give to your what you prayed for.


            Yes, we should expect to our prayers to God only if you are doing your part too. Even how much you pray to Him but you are not working for it, how will God grant you your prayers. I believe we are familiar with the saying "Do your best and God will do the rest.". And even how much you pray but you don't have faith in God, it will be useless.


              I believe in the power of prayers. This is something miraculous yes its true. Let me tell you something. I was independent for so long. I was praying that I hope one day I would help my family by working abroad. I always visited this church and keep on praying to Him to answer my prayers. I was applying for international company, after the interview I went to Him and would ask Him that if He could give this job for me. Days had passed until I received an email from that company that I was hired. Praying is so strong yet very much effective for those who believe in Him. Dont stop praying.


                It is said in the Bible that you have faith that in all your prayers you will gain it. And if that does not happen, maybe there is a better plan or even more willing to give it to you. Believe in the power of prayer. In all our prayers, God always prepares it for the day you want but it is according to the will of God.


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