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Easy methods to Build wealth on Your Present Earnings

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  • IDEAS Easy methods to Build wealth on Your Present Earnings

    1. Buy what’s cheap, when it’s cheap. This means to invest with an awareness of cycles in stocks, bonds and real estate.
    2. Start a stream of side income. If it’s successful, you can use that income to invest into the business to grow it. In alignment with tip number one above, invest in an asset that is way undervalued.
    3. Brainstorm how you can make more money from your job. Would a certification allow you to increase your salary? Would a move to another city increase your pay? Is there a way you can help your company make more money?

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    If you want to earn more, a good place to start is with your habits. The sooner you establish smart ones, the better your chances of building wealth. Building wealth will be faster and easier if you learn how to save money. Sure you can earn more, and we’ll get to that. But if you don’t know how to save, you can end up broke no matter how much you earn. Budgetting, we know you’re tired of hearing it, and we’re tired of saying it, but you cannot start building wealth if you have no idea how much money is coming in and how much is going out.


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      These are some of the easiest and basic method to build wealth. If anyone follows these basic steps, he/she can make more earning from their present income.
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        My professor thaught us not to spend much on expenses which is I think the hardest to master. I'm slowly building the habbit of frugality.

        He told us to buy assets that generate money so that we won't have to work so hard in the future. We will just let money work for us.


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