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Tips on how not to make investing mistakes

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  • IDEAS Tips on how not to make investing mistakes

    tips on how not to make investing mistakes which can lead to buying investments high and selling investments low.

    1. Following herd mentality can lead to investing mistakes

    2. Another reason we make investing mistakes is because we recall what went wrong much more intensively than what went right.

    3. We have our ancestors’ mentality in our subconscious mind which can often trigger investing mistakes. Today, our parents and grandparents experienced the Great Depression.

    If you're wondering how to stop making investing mistakes, begin by looking at these 3 reasons why you may be making them.

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    Investments should be made in a planned and systematic manner to make the most of them. Any successful investor will tell you that there is no single secret to investing and it takes time, patience, hard work, and discipline to become good at it. The most important thing with investing mistakes is this. Do not repeat your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Doing a mistake is not always a big deal. But doing it a second time is a big deal. If you learn from your mistakes, they will transform into powerful teachings.


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      I agree with Catherine Acorda-Mapalo , investment should be made in planned and systematic manner to prevent any investing mistake. However your 3 step formula is good enough for anyone looking to invest in a venture or stock market.
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        Investing is the best way to make the most of our earnings but we tend to choose investments that are too risky out of impulsiveness. Before investing, we should study first and learn from people who have been in the market for many years.

        Lastly, don't put all your money in the same basket and invest what you can afford to lose.


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          I think all the members who participated are without a doubt correct about careful investments but I just needed to ask a question, if anyone may help with it...
          What do you think is a more preferable type of investment, Shorts term or long term?


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