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Good Ways To Finance Your Business

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    Good Ways To Finance Your Business

    Good ways to finance your Business, if you want to startup your business and you don't have enough fund.
    1. Get a Bank Loan.
    2. Use a Credit Card.
    3. Borrow from your Friends and relative
    4. Try Crowdfunding.
    5. Pledge Some of Your Future Earnings.
    6. Attract an Investor.
    But my most preferred method is to get a bank loan.

    The best way finance your business is through own capital. This means investing in you business directly. This is safe especially when going into a business whose Return on Capital is little at the initial stage. This makes the business owner so relax. Any loss suffered would not come with as much shock as if the finance were to come from a an eternal sources. Owned capital also has several other advantages. The profit of the business is shared by the business owner alone. There is not pressure from without to make profit. But owned finance could only do for a small business as most businesses require other sources of finance to thrive in the longrun.

    Loan from friends and relative is quite similar to owned finance. When a business is co-financed by friends and relatives, there is less risk involved when the repayment plan is defaulted. Unlike bank loan, the heartache the borrower would experience is less. Friends and family would consider their previous relation with the business owner, and would not usually take actions that would hurt the business or it owner. Family or friend can opt for share of profit as a way of reducing the finance burden.

    Bank loans are usually considered by many big organizations. The documentation alone would put a less serious borrower off. Default in repayment of principal sum and the accruing interest is could be a serious set back for the business. Many companies and corporation have gone down due to their inability to meet their loan obligations. Inflation is a great enemy of of bank loans as the borrower pay more that the borrowed amount.


      Perhaps the easiest way to finance a business is to use your own money. In an ideal world, you should save money for a period of time and use this money to fund your business. Or loans and lines of credit are a great way to finance a business. Lines of credit are particularly helpful to handle cash flow shortages. However, getting this type of financing is difficult and is seldom an option for small companies with limited experience.


        Hello. For me, the best way to finance your business is to use your own money or capital. Well of course there could be many options out there to start a business like loans but that could be a threat also to a business. Another possible idea to have a capital for a business is to have a trusted business partner, like a family member or a trusted friend. If you are thinking of having your own business it would be wise to save for it at an early time so that when you are ready, you have something to use. One advantage of using your own money is that you don't worry too much if the business takes longer time to earn much. You don't have to worry for unpaid or overdue accounts payable from lending or banks.


          Right! If you don't have enough capital bank loan still reliable. There's a reason why even those successful business still have bank loans. Even if it requires a lot to assure the bank that you are capable of paying them, once you got approved and built a trustworthy connection it will be your savior.

          I don't like the idea of asking money from friends or family especially if it's a huge amount. Business is risky, unpredictable and I can't afford to ruin my precious connections with my family and friends just because my business didn't worked out the way I planned.


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