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Accepting mailmoni payment system

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    Accepting mailmoni payment system

    Hello Everyone
    Have you had of Mailmoni.com payment system?

    If Not, Let me educate you a little.


    I will like to use this means to introduce you to our payment system called MailMoni Payment System.

    Our Payment System is design to suit Nigerians who do online business and investments and also sell goods and services online.

    MailMoni System is a new and fast growing online payment system Register under POC GLOBAL MEDIA SERVICES to perform online E-Currency exchange services and also accept E-Currency payment for traders, investors, website owners and more.

    MailMoni is a system which in the next 5Months to come will be widely known to every Nigeria because of one good reason which is ;-

    "MailMoni enable Nigerian users to deposit and withdraw funds credited through Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfectmoney, Skrill etc directly through their Local Banks. Before Now, Nigerians only make use of Bitcoin and other E-currency through Third party funding and which make it hard for so many of them to refuse the use of the system due to lack of trust."

    Now, Through MailMoni, Nigerians don't have to contact any exchanger or anyone to enable them deposit funds or withdraw funds through Bitcoin, perfectmony and other E-currencies.

    What the person only need to do is to create account with MailMoni Payment System Platform, Fund his or her account through Local Bank and Transfer the fund to any crypto or E-Currency account of any company and also withdraw from any company directly into their MailMoni account and request for Local Bank withdrawal ( The funds goes directly into his or her local bank account).

    If you understand this, you will know that in future to come, MailMoni will be the next news on the Nigeria news papers, forums and blogs.MailMoni Payment System offer so many other services to Nigerians which will also make everyone want to use the platform for shopping and transactions.

    We also offer shop portal for our Merchants, where you can upload your goods and services with prices and users can pay you directly through their MailMoni account on the System.

    As an investment website owner or ICO owner, This will help grow your company and attract more Nigerian investors and traders.You can add your website on the shop portal, add your investment packages and services packages with price, Include some details to enable users pay your company and you credit there account on your website, You can also integrate our payment API into you website to accept payment through MailMoni system directly on your website.

    Users can also pay through vouchers and you can also send invoice to users to complete payment and you get credited instantly.MailMoni offer several means of payment and withdrawals which includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfectmoney, SKrill, Bank Payment, Visa, Master card and more.

    When a user registers on the system, he or she will be able to deposit or withdraw funds through any of the above mention methods. (This will enable your users pay you with local banks and you withdraw the funds through other means).MailMoni offer so many other services which you will be interested on .

    We are new platform and with the features we put in place, we are hoping to go widely know within 5Months.Join Our System Today and start accepting our payment on your website and also add your shop on our shop portal to get more traffic from Nigerians.

    Why You should Use Our Payment System

    1. Traffic : Your Shop/website will be listed on our Shop/Merchant page, reaching all users of our payment system

    2. Ability to accept all Major crypto-currency payment systems on your website and able to withdraw funds directly into your local bank account and also send to any payment system of your choice.

    3. send payment invoice to your customers and users directly into their Mailmoni account and receive payment just be clicking yes.

    4. Voucher creation: Users can pay you through voucher and you can pay your customers or user through sending vouchers to them.

    5. We offer Simple verification details to become a merchant (Just your Business name, Your mobile number, your personal ID, proof of address) You get verified as a merchant. (WE DON'T NEED COMPANY REGISTRATIONS)

    6. You can add your shop products on our website (shop page) , Users of our payment system can order for your product directly from our shop page and make payment into your mailmoni account then you credited user with the required information or product on your website.

    7. Merchants details: All merchants details are secured and we do not share our merchants personal details with anyone. All details provided by our merchants are protected and funds credited on merchants account cannot be reversed to users except merchants perform the operation.

    8. Invoice: Ability to create a payment invoice and forward to users of Mailmoni, you can create a payment invoice and send to any user of Mailmoni.com. Make sure the persons email is registered on Mailmoni system.

    9. Transfer System: User can transfer fund from their personal Mailmoni account to your personal Mailmoni account with registered email address.

    10. Transfer Protect Code: This is use to protect your transferred fund to make sure your users complete any task on your website before offering the code to them. When funds are transferred with protect code, It will reach users (Receiver) account but he/she will not be able to access the fund until you send the protect code to him/her (Receiver). This is normally use for shopping, When you purchase a goods from a shop and then send code after receiving the goods in your location.

    11. MailMoni provide forum where users of our payment system discuses about general information's which includes your company and business. You can create a topic on our forum and get people discuses about it and register on your website to be able to use our payment system, This will create an addition traffic to your site.(NOTE: We also offer advertisement placement on our forum page.

    12. Gain access to advertising your banner on our forum pages with little advert fee

    13. Access to over 1.5Milion Nigeria online investors that know about bitcoin and crypto-currencies.

    14. We accept all kinds of online investments and earning adverts on our forum page and also on our shop portal. (This will enable you get more users and clients into your system)

    15. MailMoni will be ruing an adverts on Facebook, NNU, Nairaland, Naijaloaded and more.

    To get more users into the system.

    (This is a good advantage to you as a website owner or business owner).

    Thank You
    Email: Support@mailmoni.com
    Phone & WhatsApp: +234 901 760 4269

    i should use it, thx


      Originally posted by Prince_Mailmoni View Post
      ailMoni System is a new and fast growing online payment system Register under POC GLOBAL MEDIA SERVICES to perform online E-Currency exchange services and also accept E-Currency payment for traders, investors, website owners and more.
      Does mailmoni accept other countries? and what are the charges for using your payment gateway?


        Yes @Chase
        Mailmoni Payment system accept all countries.


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