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What kind of job do you exell in?

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  • What kind of job do you exell in?

    There's a lot of people who doesn't really like what they're doing, working jobs that they don't really like. If there's only a chance that they could land their dream jobs they would take it in an instance. But sadly that is not usually the case. Most people nowadays have limited choices and would take any job just to put food on the table.

    If you could pick any occupation in the world which you really like and you know that you're good in and can exell in, what would it be and why?

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    I think it would be as a marine biologist or entomologist. Since, I love to know the behavior of marine life or insects. This is always an endless interest for me. My curiosity is always refresh and it's always a challenging work. There is always a whole new mystery in every organism. Although, this is far from reality but I exercise those interest in the field of photography. I like to investigate insects and place them in photos. It's always a fun activity.


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      I would open a restaurant, I really love cooking. In my youth I even finished the courses. Now I know a bunch of recipes and every time I try to cook new dishes. Best of all, I can cook tacos and tiramisu.


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        Working on the internet is something that gives me great joy as it gives me the opportunity to work just from home. That has really made me a better person at the end of last year as I made amazing progress in my life. I am out of school now and still looking at getting a 9-5 job that I can combine with what I do online.


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          With almost seven years experience in the BPO industry, I think I excel in customer service. I basically learned everything I need to know being part of the workforce through my time in the industry. I'm happy that it has opened a door not only to me but to other people. Though I feel like it is not my passion but it has honed me to become the professional that I am today.


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            If I am given an opportunity to choose a job I want, I would choose Animator because I love arts and when I was a kid I am fascinated on how a cartoon character moves and a 3D objects move realistically. I want to excel in that kind of skill but I do not know if I will pursue that kind of career after graduation. I am uncertain and not complacent with my current skills that I will be accepted in an Animation Industry.


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              As of now, I'm still studying but I think I'll excell on my future career which is accounting. At first, I really don't have much knowledge about it and have been on the point of switching course but I am someone who love taking risks. Though I'm unsure of what it might turn out, I still keep on going.

              I am slowly gaining more knowledge and I'm now enjoying it. I think I'll do great.


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