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Dress Color for Interview

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    Dress Color for Interview

    Hey there, I just wanna know is there a great impact when an interviewee wear a bright color during the first interview? How about dressing a dark color like dark purple blazer or brown long sleeved formal attire? Which color is the most convincing when introducing yourself, and which color can offend the interviewer? Just think about it!

    In job interviews or meetings with a prospective employer, I always wear a single colored shirt with light colors like, light blue, light pink and light yellow. Wearing light colored shirts exudes confidence and good attitude as per the article that I've read.


      Hello fellow !
      I'm new here and I would like to add something on your threat and please corret me If I write something wrong.
      Wearing a decent dress would be very favourite for your interview because the interviewee can make your image just by seeing your dress.
      So nice dress will work for your positive impact and don't wear so bright colors because some people don't like to much bright color.


        Hi, I believe that you need to be comfortable from what the color might want to wear during interviews. You will not be judged by the color of your dress but you would judge by the kind of dress you will wearing and how you answer the interviews.
        I would suggest that, just select the color appropriate from your skin tone. This will help you to be more confident and more at ease.
        Can I give you a advice? Be yourself...being yourself will make you standout out believe me.


          For me, I would prefer to wear black and white. As I have noticed in movie scenes, the majority of them who are going to an interview is wearing black and white combination. Most of them are wearing white for the upper and black for the lower part but of course it is not just because I have seen it on movies but also I find it to be more descent than to the other colors. Maybe white is so plain and black is so dark but it is more elegant to wear and more likely to fit with any occasions. Also remember that being who we are in the way we dressed is the best but sometimes it won't work so I think we also need to consider the interviewee's or the employer's perception of proper dressing in order for us to impressed them and be hired.


            I think it's best to wear some pastel color for pleasing appearance. It looks cool and appealing. Wearing decent and comfortable clothes will surely caught an attention. Make sure that you do your best to respond on those questions. Just be honest and make sure to make an eye contact with the interviewer. Good luck!


              Dressing for an interview is about moderation and balance. You want to look confident, not arrogant, professional but not drab. ​​​​​​You obviously want to be taken seriously so no practising of your colour blocking skills. Professional, decent and comfortable are three words that should be taken into account when dressing for an interview


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