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Tips on how to prepare for a Job Interview and Exam

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    Most jobs require interested applicants to go through formal interview and exam to test their skills and ability if they are capable enough to do the required job skills. So to pass their test is you a have to look into the job description and work out the skills involved in the job. Prepare good answers for common interview questions such as "Tell me about yourself". Keep answers relatively short and to the point. Dress up neatly, clean and pressed. Have a better posture to look like a successful candidate. And remember to thank the interviewer/s at the end of the interview.

    I know it is easy to say but hard to do when you have low confidence but with practice, you may be able to get the position you applied.


      Originally posted by Corzhens View Post
      I had the experience of interviewing applicants for the vacancy in our department for so many years. The first thing I had noticed is the nervousness that is obvious in the quivering voice. It may be common to others but I think the reason is the lack of confidence.

      ​​​In that view, increasing the confidence therefore is a must for an applicant to undergo an interview. First is the mastery of your achievement, you have to be well-versed in making clear statements about your education and work experience that would include all the training.

      Also be prepared with other personal matters like your hobby and friends and also the family, of course. For the company you are applying, have a knowledge of the business and a bit of history. But most of all, be well informed of the position that you are applying for.
      I believe the best thing to do is to prepare your self thoroughly in every aspect of your being. You have to look good physically. Be confident in your heart and mind to answer questions.


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          All the advice on here is great! Here are some of my tips for getting the job I want right away.

          1. Read about the company. Know their clients and their mission so you can answer questions easily.
          2. Practice in front of a mirror. Google the most asked questions for interviews and get confident in answering them.
          3. Mentally prepare yourself for an exam. They usually have these on the spot.
          4. Make eye contact, state your skills, ambitions and what you can provide for the company clearly.
          5. Lastly, be yourself. If you get in you're gonna be in that company for a while so don't lie or pretend to be another person. It's for your good as well.


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