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Tips on how to prepare for a Job Interview and Exam

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  • IDEAS Tips on how to prepare for a Job Interview and Exam

    When applying for a job, it is always recommended to do some research first on the company or business. An applicant should also be familiar with the job or position he/she is applying for along with its duties and responsibilities. This can all be done online.

    ​​Before applying be sure to practice answering I.Q exams including Basic English, Math Problems, Abstract Reasoning and Essay Writing. Because usually upon application, an applicant would be given a test to assess his/her I.Q. level. Again you can search the internet for some tips and online exams to test yourself.

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      Jobs interview requires preparation, guess answers are not accepted because that can deprive you of getting your dream job. You can surf for some most common job interview questions, for you to have an idea about most common questions.


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        Job interview is not as difficult as you may think. Mostly if its oral interview it should be very easy because the interviewer wouldn't ask you question that you may not answers to as long as you know the basic or most common question being ask.


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          For job interviews, I make sure that I research about the position and the company and make sure that I incorporate the info I got on some of the questions asked by the interviewer. This, in a way, gives the impression that you came prepared and you're ready to take on the job. It definitely would help you score the job and leave a lasting impression.


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            It would be an advantage to always prepare ourselves when applying a job. Making it sure that we are confident and fit on the job. However, you need to pay attentive with the question and answer it according to your knowledge. Based on my experienced I was tested on practical skills and was asked a simple question. The interviewer wants to know your insights or philosophy towards work. It's the attitude that counts. Plus, never forget to have eye contact with the person you are talking. In this way, he will know your sincerity.


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              Originally posted by Telax View Post
              Job interview is not as difficult as you may think. Mostly if its oral interview it should be very easy because the interviewer wouldn't ask you question that you may not answers to as long as you know the basic or most common question being ask.
              It's not difficult but it does make a person nervous. Because we don't know what to do and were scared of failing. It takes a lot of courage and confidence especially on interviews. However, with our desires to be accepted we are willing to take the best of our ability. It is always better to ease the mind to be able to confidently answer with sincerity.


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                First impressions count. Interviewers will start assessing you as soon as they meet you, so your presentation and attitude are important. To make a good first impression: arrive on time, dress smartly, smile when you meet people, be professional as soon as you enter the building. The receptionist and anyone else you meet might tell the interviewer what they think of you.


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                  So you’ve got amazing communication skills, a resume chock-full of impressive qualifications and an inside connection at the company you’re applying to work for. These are certainly assets, but there’s one area in the job interview process where these resources won’t help you one bit: the interview exam (or assignment). This portion of the interview is designed purely to test skills that are critical to your ability to fulfill the requirements of the role they’re looking to fill — skills that you’ll most likely have to use every day while on the job.

                  What this portion entails is highly specific to the industry you’re applying to jobs within — it could be anything from writing code to analyzing a set of data to designing a logo. While it can seem nerve-wracking, if this is truly your field of expertise, there’s nothing you should worry about. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you give the job interview exam your best shot. Practice Your Skills

                  Make Time

                  Don’t Cheat

                  See What the Pros Have to Say

                  Gauge the Experience of Others


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                    I had the experience of interviewing applicants for the vacancy in our department for so many years. The first thing I had noticed is the nervousness that is obvious in the quivering voice. It may be common to others but I think the reason is the lack of confidence.

                    ​​​In that view, increasing the confidence therefore is a must for an applicant to undergo an interview. First is the mastery of your achievement, you have to be well-versed in making clear statements about your education and work experience that would include all the training.

                    Also be prepared with other personal matters like your hobby and friends and also the family, of course. For the company you are applying, have a knowledge of the business and a bit of history. But most of all, be well informed of the position that you are applying for.


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