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Leaving Your Job To Become Self Employed

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    Leaving Your Job To Become Self Employed

    What do you think about quitting your job to become a freelacer website desiner. I want to leave my current job though it pays me well i earn about 700k monthly but am still not sure if freelacer jobs really pays well.

    Wow, if you are earning that much money, why would you quit your job? I mean you, come to think of it. You are stable with your job. But if you don't enjoy what you're doing (job), weigh the pros and cons of quitting your job. At the end of the day, it's all up to you to decide.


      If you are leaving a job that pays you 700k a month to become a freelancer web designer then I suggest you better make sure that it's going to earn you 700k a month or more. Honestly I think it's a no brainer, the next moves should always be an upgraded situation than the current.


        To be honest I would begin freelancing, while you are still working at your current job until you build up a big enough client base to ensure that you can support yourself 100% with freelancing.

        It would mean putting in more hours a day for a while, but in the long run, it could definitely be worth it.

        Freelancing is hard work and not having a guaranteed income each week can add a lot of stress to your life and your budget, but if you really want something bad enough you can make it happen!


          Wow, That's good, If someone will pay you that huge amount monthly, you should definitely quit your job. But you should ask your client or your self if that job can classify as stable job, or just seasonal or promotion.


            Originally posted by Tonedo View Post
            What do you think about quitting your job to become a freelacer website desiner. I want to leave my current job though it pays me well i earn about 700k monthly but am still not sure if freelacer jobs really pays well.
            You have to think it carefully because if you have a salary of 700k that's kind of huge amount. Why don't you try it both? You can be a part timer doing online freelancer web designer and at the same time you still have your current job. If you find being a freelancer would you enjoy most and you already vision yourself being successful in freelancer then you can quit your current job. Study first the disadvantages and advantages if you leave your job, so you won't regret the decision you've made.


              Well its your choice of life. If you like to quit your job that gives you 700k a month and you don't care about how much money you will lose after quitting so be it. If you like to make money without bossing you around just be happy with it and don't make any regrets on what you have decided. But you need to make sure that when your decision is not ended well you can go back on your previous work. Make sure that you quit your job in a good term. So goodluck on your life and i wish you all the best.


                If you really want to do online work then go ahead and start being a full-time online worker. You won't know how much your going to earn unless you try it first. It all depends on what online site and job you'll be working on.


                  Earning 700k monthly is huge already but I know we can always earn better since our needs are endless. I will prefer you do the two for few months and see which will serve you better. You can never know until you try it out.Try out the two and see how it goes, then quit for the better option.


                    Well, depending on how much I'm earning from my job is going to be determining whether I'm going to quit my job to become self employed. Also, the question is why can't I combine the two? Working and having my own business to run? I would at least hand over its day to day activities in the hands of a trusted partner and just supervise the business from time to time.


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