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What should I do on my first day at work?

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    Be yourself, dont pretend to be someone else. Be confident but not to extend like almost a cocky. Be friendly, remember your office will be your second home. Treat them nicely so they will surely treat you the same way.

    I remember myself when I was in my first official job. I was so nervous but composed. I smiled to everyone and be friendly. I let myself to be real to everyone but I am aware that in almost office there is also a so called political wherein the employees divided into two. They might be against or pro into you. Always remember that you cant please everyone.


      On very first working day most of the people try to degrade you but some people also appreciate you on your work.
      We should be very active in few starting days of work because if we do any mistake that mistake never forget by the other workers and they always tease you on your act.
      So on very first day try to meet more people with a good smile and try to gain their trust.
      All the best and make your first day memorable for others and for youself also.


        Just be nice with everyone, pay attention to anything around you and when you get instructed to pay attention and be calm, concentrate on what you must do and try to do your best. In the first day, you must make a good impression because people will see at you what you are showing to them.


          Originally posted by Emekus View Post
          Guys what are few things i should do on my first day at work? should i great everyone that comes to my way and be the nice guy or i just wait until am instructed on what to do?
          Well, in my opinion it would be nice to get off on the right foot with your new fellow work colleagues that are already in the system before you got hired.

          They stand the right chance of disclosing to you all the modus operandi of the firm. Forget about what is written in the book, when you get into the field, another set of unwritten rules applies.


            Chill up,relax and be nice to everyone.Just think of yourself as if you've already been working there for a long time.Greet your co-workers and ask about their names, their interests, and about your work.A week or two you will see that you've already got some friends and colleagues.Eventually it will be a good job to work on because of the nice environment you've created with those people around you.


              I suggest you just observe the environment first and try to adapt as fast as possible. Doing work is easy because it's often that the basics are taught before any new hire is brought to the field. But adapting to your work environment could take some time, so in my opinion just try to get all the information you need in the first day.


                Originally posted by Heart View Post
                Be yourself! you wouldn't want to be judge trying hard portraying a person that is not you. Being yourself and blending with your co-workers will make a great environment in your workplace. Never try too hard to be friendly because it will only look unnatural.
                Absolutely. Don't pretend to be different just to be recognized. All you need to do is to observe your environment first. It is nice to be observant on what others are doing. Make sure to ask the right person if you have questions and don't pretend on knowing something even if you're not just to be recognized. You also need to listen attentively or take down notes to your superior or trainer. By doing this, he may think that you are really willing to learn.
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                  On the first day of job the best thing to do it is wear your confident smile greet every person u meet and then during free time try to familiarize and be comfortable to your office. In this way it would be easier to adjust to your surroundings and be totally comfortable to your day-to-day work.


                    First day of work seems always a bit stressful and definitely exciting as well. Indeed, because it is a new surroundings, new people, new workplace, everything is new. The rules, the policies, your bosses and even your pantry. Meanwhile, just be yourself, be calm, show how intelligent you are but don't be arrogant, be nice, follow your superiors, stay focused and lastly be patient and confident.


                      Most likely, on the first day of work was very amazing for at last you are hired. Mixed feelings will be experienced like nervousness, sadness, happiness and etc. So on the first day of work, you must assure that you would look presentable and approachable. In that way, your boss would be impressed and your co-employees will not hesitate to make friends with you. If you don't have any problems with your boss and co-employee on your first day of work so you would have less problems for the next days of your work.


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